The Starter’s Guide to Model Poses

When looking at pictures of models on Instagram or in the magazines, it’s hard to
imagine that they’re doing anything more than displaying how effortlessly good they
look. However, one influencer and model secret is that it’s almost all about knowing how
to pose your body. Virtually all of your favorite social media stars have spent hours
posing for themselves, figuring out what looks good on them and what doesn’t. Studying
the methods used by models and influencers alike can help put you on the path to
better photos, and perhaps even a modeling career of your own.
1. Positive Mindset
No amount of posing will hide your discomfort on camera if you aren’t going into
your shoot with a confident mindset. It may sound counter-intuitive, but being able to
trust yourself and have pride in your looks is already half of any pose you do. Before
you start practicing your poses, try doing some positive affirmations in the mirror to
remind yourself that you are a capable model!
2. Lean in to the camera.
Without overdoing it, try to slightly bend towards the camera from your waist. If
you lean back too far from the lens, it might appear as if you are running away from the
shot as well as affecting the way your bone structure appears on camera. Adding a
slight lean in will also help you appear more slender.
3. Don’t face your camera head-on.
Try to keep part of your body turned away from the camera as opposed to staring
at it head on. This keeps the photo more interesting, and much like leaning back, helps
to provide a slimmer and more defined appearance.
4. Stay true to your look.
Pick poses that show off the way you want to be perceived. If you want
approachable and friendly shots for your business page, have a natural smile and keep
your arms in a natural position. If you are going for a more editorial look, don’t be afraid
to experiment a bit more with arm placement and a more neutral look on your face - just
be sure you aren’t creating too much tension in your face. In the famous words of Tyra

Banks, work on your smize, or smiling with your eyes. Mastering this strong form of eye
contact can give you more space to play around with the way you look on camera.
5. Practice makes perfect!
Practicing poses may feel weird at first, but posing is a skill. Just like anything
else you want to become good at, you have to practice it before you’re an expert. First,
try in front of the mirror at home. Again, don’t hold back! Trust yourself and go for it -
even if you look odd at first, it’s not like anyone else can see you. Once you’ve found
some poses that work for you, set up the selfie timer on your phone to practice the
poses on camera. Study the photos, and see what works and what doesn’t. Keep
adjusting and perfecting until you find something you are confident in - and then keep
practicing those poses until they become muscle memory. By doing this, you’ll be able
to walk into any photoshoot and bust out the poses like you’re the next Gisele.
6. Find the right photographer.
Picking the right people to work with can make or break a shoot. A photographer
that you don’t feel comfortable with will only make you more tense, which will translate
on camera. Reach out to the person you’re working with beforehand and express what
you may be stressed about. If they’re the right fit for you, they’ll be willing to discuss
beforehand and make sure you are prepared for the shoot. Your photographer will also
be able to give you specific pointers and poses that will create the best shot. Remember
that a photoshoot is an even exchange where both you and the photographer are
putting in your best work to create a final product everyone is proud of.

Posing is something that all models have to practice and master. Don’t feel
discouraged if it doesn’t come to you right away. That isn’t a reflection of your looks or
your ability to look good on camera. It simply means you have to work on figuring out
the best way to present yourself. Remember that the perfect pose is something
individual to you, and not a defined look that everyone must be able to do. With the right
effort, you can make your Instagram posts look like Vogue covers in no time.