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Actor Demo Reel Services in NYC

For aspiring actors in the movie/theater industry, the most important thing to showcase your resume and abilities is a demo reel. Actors should be able to access all of their performances long after they perform for a litany of reasons:


  • To watch their performance afterwards to critique themselves

  • To constantly practice the different techniques they’ve learned during their careers.

  • Most importantly, to use clips in order to build their demo reel.


With that being said, there are a plethora of services throughout the media capital of the United States, New York City, that can help actors produce their demo reels. These services are more than capable of producing reels for the most established actors or for the novices.

Show Reels NYC

The first service we will discuss is Show Reels NYC, which has over 15 years of experience making reels for actors, as seen on its website. This company specializes in editing and designing actor demo reels, and building up casting profiles with a post-production team. Show Reels have also worked with hundreds of actors with the likes of Hollin Haley, J. Oscar Simmons, and Jennifer Mauerhoffer highly recommending this service for aspiring actors to utilize.

Actor Screener Shoot

The next demo reel service we will talk about is Actor Screener Shoot. The difference between this service and the previous service is that Show Reels NYC only helps you edit your own demo reels, meaning that you would have to provide them with your work for them to help you. Actor Screener Shoot, however, offers packages that allows actors to shoot their own footage with the company, edit, produce, and add finishing touches to a demo reel that can be used for professional bookings, or to get a manager. 


There are packages that start off at $150-$350 just for editing a reel for actors with their own footage. The next package is a Mini Shoot starting at $450 for actors who want high quality footage for casting directors, agents, or managers. This package includes directing, lighting, sound, and capturing of HD footage, along with scenes that are limited to ½ page provided by the actor.


The final package is the Deluxe Shoot which goes for $750. This provides the purchaser with the works. Everything in the Mini Shoot package is included with the addition of custom written scenes, a cast of actors, editing,  an option of whatever format you want your reel to be edited in, and the option to add a screen acting coach to better your performance. You also have the choice of receiving your raw footage on the same day and your edited footage 1-2 weeks after filming. This is the popular package often chosen by actors who truly want to raise their demo reel to a higher level.


This company also offers a Headshot along with the Demo Reel at your request. Actor Screener Shoot works with professional photographers from City Headshots to shoot the best quality for their headshots.

Kick Blue 22

Demo reel service number 3 will be Kick Blue 22. This service is offered all over New York City throughout the five boroughs. This service offers more than actor reels for New York City. They also offer to film music videos, corporate videos, model reels and music/audio clips. Kick Blue asks interested actors to fill out a questionnaire so they can correctly assess what they need in order to begin working with them.

Elon Productions

Elon Productions was not founded by Elon Musk!... I had to say it. Now that that is out of the way, Elon Productions is an award-winning content based company based in New York. This company not only produces content such as commercials, videographies, NFT creation, music videos, films, script writing, photography, and custom actor reels.


Elon Productions provides inquiring actors with a team filled with award winning directors, writers and cinematographers to create a custom actor reel in favor of the actor. There is also the options to:


  • Write, or have them custom write your scenes to fit your skillset

  • Cast the actors

  • Shoot and edit your footage

  • Convert your footage to the format of your choosing


There is a four step creative process as well. The first step is the consultation step where you work with the writers and directors. The next is the writing step where the writers team create the scene that was brainstormed. The third step is the production step. This is where you perform the reel. The final step is where the magic happens. The post production team edits your reel to make you look as good as possible.


These are a few of the actor demo reel services in New York City. There are plenty more available to help you make the best possible reel you can ask for.

Written by Emmanuel Christian

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