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Model Digitals

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Do You Need Modeling Digitals?

Book with me today!

Reach out to me ASAP if you are looking to start modeling and/or would like to have your model digitals taken professionally today to submit to modeling agencies, model managers, and fashion clients. 

My digital polaroids for aspiring models are shot in natural lighting, with you in your natural state, on a professional camera, and are 45 minutes long, include two looks, and you'll get 6 images that will give you a professional and natural model look

What are modeling digitals and who needs them?

Model digitals (also known as model polaroids) are very basic images (taken in natural lighting or simple lighting) of aspiring models that are meant to showcase their face and body in as natural of a form as possible, ideally non-smiling and without any photo editing or professional hair styling or make-up (or things like fake lashes, red lipstick, etc).

Modeling digitals are meant to give a potential client or model agency the opportunity to get an idea of what you look like with next to nothing added so they can see your accurate representation and get an idea of how they can add to you for their project, for example.

These natural look images are standard for the modeling industry as modeling agencies typically require them and models submit them to agencies to be signed. 


Signed models typically update their digitals once a year for their agency website. In most cases, modeling agencies prefer updated digitals with a model's current hair color, size, and overall current look.


Why Do I Need Modeling Digitals?

Every aspiring and established model needs to have professional modeling digitals. Having a quality face shot and body shot is important for selling your image.

Since the pandemic, significant changes have happened in the modeling industry in how models are seen to book jobs.

Most agencies and clients have dramatically cut down on in-person casting, increasing the need to see models in their most natural state in photos. 

Modeling digitals are relied upon for that now more than ever. These natural images represent the model to clients instead of the model themselves.

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How Soon Can We Book?

I make plenty of time for shooting digitals. I shoot several modeling digital packages for aspiring and established models every week, from a full body shot to a model headshot.


Based on my schedule and the availability of a studio, I can take your digitals as soon as the same day.


Where Do I Shoot My Modeling Digitals

I shoot most of my modeling digitals at HQpixel Studio in East Williamsburg, Brooklyn.


It is a great 1000 square feet professional photo studio with the best natural light in all of New York City photo studios.

What Should I Do Before My Modeling Digitals Photo Shoot Session?

When it is time to take your digitals, preparing for your photoshoot is essential. Taking digitals should not be taken lightly as they are very important for your career.


Once you book your shoot session you should take one to three weeks to get your face and body in as great a condition as you can (if you haven't done so already). 

You want your digitals to present the best you. So you should spend time clearing your skin by cutting all oils and dairy. You should also be overly mindful of what you put into your body and focus on drinking as much water as possible and making solely fruits and vegetables as much of your diet as possible.

You should also get your body as toned as you can by doing cardio and implementing daily workouts (if you have recently gained weight take the time and put in the effort to get to your ideal size).


24 to 48 hour fast per week is also great for your body, as it can help clear your skin and assist with toning your body. And you should most definitely fast the night before and morning of your shoot



When taking digitals it is recommended that you have on absolutely no makeup. For digitals, you should come camera ready, moisturized, and ready to glow in the natural light. 


Casting directors and modeling agencies want to see what you actually look like in your most raw form so the point of modeling digitals is to capture that.




For your model digitals or polaroids photo shoot session you should bring a pair of form-fitting jeans (preferably blue or black jeans) or a skirt and a basic neutral form-fitting top (tank top) and black heels. Form-fitting clothing is essential as it shows your figure.


You can also bring a set of matching undergarments (neutral-colored or black bikinis) if you want that look as well.

When you submit to a modeling agency they expect both looks.



You should arrive at your model digitals shoot camera ready and in your first look. When you arrive at our shoot we'll meet and get familiarized a bit and then discuss small things like your look options, music preferences, and posing advice for our shoot. 

Once that is done we will begin your shoot and shoot your first look for half of the time. Then I'll have you change into your second look and we'll continue shooting.

I'll be guiding you throughout your shoot to some do's and don'ts and setting you up in different areas of the studio to get certain body angles, different looks, and poses.

We'll look to get shots for full body, profile shots, mostly non-smiling, and a wide variety of other shots so you have adequate shots to submit to a modeling agency





After your shoot, you'll pay your remaining balance (if you have one). Within 72 hours I will send you tear sheets (which are mini pictures of all of the pictures that we took). You can then go through them and choose the images that you want as soon as you are ready.


Within seven to ten business days from when you send your selections, I will send you raw versions of all chosen images, along with a very natural lightly retouched (post-production) version of the images via email.

After we take your digitals and you begin your submission process to model agencieswe can set up a model test shoot for your modeling portfolio as they will want to see model portfolio images as well.

If you are interested in being signed to an nyc modeling agency send a direct message on Instagram to @forrestthefotographer for mother agent inquiries.


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