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Actor Headshots by ForrestImages

Hi! I'm @ForrestTheFotographer and I am very excited to work with you. I am an actor and photographer living in New York City, who also travels to Los Angeles often.


When it comes to actor headshots, both New York City and Los Angeles are hotspots for capturing the perfect shot. In bustling cities like New York NY and Los Angeles CA, actor headshot photographers like myself offer professional headshot sessions that can capture the true essence of an actor's talent. Whether you're in Downtown LA or seeking NYC headshots, experienced photographers should know how to create stunning photos that showcase your unique personality and acting ability, and that is what I strive to do.


We professional headshot photographers understand the importance of capturing natural shots that reflect the true expression and range of an actor. With a keen eye for detail, we pay special attention to lighting, composition, and background to create headshots that draw attention and make a lasting impression. From classic black and white headshots to modern and vibrant city headshots, I know how to create different headshot styles that suit the needs and preferences of actors I shoot.


During a headshot session, actors are encouraged to be themselves and let their personality shine through. Whether it's wearing a leather jacket for a more edgy look or opting for a classic suit jacket, the choice of clothes can convey different characters and moods. Photographers should create a comfortable and friendly atmosphere, ensuring that actors feel at ease and can showcase their emotional range in front of the camera, and I push you to do that in our session.


One of the key elements in actor headshots is capturing a genuine smile that reflects the actor's charisma and approachability. Good headshot photographers know how to capture that perfect smile that can make a big difference in creating a positive first impression. I guide actors through various poses and provide quick tips to help them relax and showcase their best features.


After the headshot session, my professional retouching ensures that the final photos look polished and professional. Skilled headshot photographers pay special attention to retouching, enhancing the actor's natural beauty while maintaining a realistic look. This attention to detail ensures that the actor's headshots are of the highest quality and ready to be used for auditions, casting directors, and social media profiles.


Whether you're a seasoned actor or just starting out, investing in professional actor headshots is essential. The right photographer can capture the essence of your talent and help you stand out in a competitive industry. So, if you're looking for the best headshot photographer in New York City or Los Angeles, don't hesitate to reach out to me for more information and take the next step towards landing your dream job in the acting industry.

- Forrest

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Do You Need Actor Headshots??

Most people know that getting high-quality headshots for acting can really make or break your film, television, or theatrical acting career. Shooting a professional actor headshot is a great way to showcase your personality and creativity to film directors, casting directors, tv producers, theater directors, talent managers, acting agents, casting websites, and others that can make or break your creative pursuits. 


I'm a professional photographer and I shoot headshots for actresses and actors from all walks of life, giving you at least two looks, and am excited to work with you. If you like my acting headshot examples above, book with me today, and let's get you a great headshot that will work for you, from New York City to Los Angeles CA!

If you need headshot photography for actors in NYC or LA and are interested in booking a session with me, please contact me here or by phone or text at the number at the bottom of the page.

Click here for an article on how to find a good headshot photographer.

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My actor headshot packages start at $375 for up to two looks and it's a one-hour shoot.

And my most popular package for actors headshots cost is my two-hour-long unlimited looks package that goes for $650 session fee.


It is standard practice that hiring a makeup artist or a wardrobe stylist is extra (but also not particularly necessary).


Click here for info on my corporate headshots.

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I shoot regularly so depending on my schedule and studio availability we can book to shoot your new headshots for acting as early as the same day. Contact me today for a business request.


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What To Wear To Your Acting Headshot Shoot

Think about the characters you want to play in your photo.

As an actor and headshot professional, I always tell clients that the best way to set up their photos is to think of the characters they want to play and think about what those characters would wear. ​

Pick outfits that will allow you to portray (along with your facial expressions) as many of those characters as possible at your headshot session so that a casting director can see you looking as close to the desired character as possible.


Even if it's only portrait photography of your face, visualizing the character is essential to a good photo.

Lastly, always keep it classic!


Choose attire that is timeless so that your acting headshots will be of good use to you for longer.


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What Happens At Our Actor Headshot Photo Shoot Session?

When you arrive at your headshot session, we'll first have a brief introduction to get to know each other so we feel comfortable.  I'll answer any questions you may have, while you take out all the clothing options for our shoot. Be prepared to ask the right questions so that you can get the best out of your photo session.


We'll finalize outfit decisions and discuss things for the shots like background solid colors or music, and I'll give you directions that will help guide you through our shoot.

Then we'll get to shooting! Depending on the time of day and the feel we are going for I may use natural light or opt for professional studio lighting.

During your shoot I will guide you to get the best expressions and poses for your acting headshots so you don't look or feel awkward in your images. 


I also try to allocate an even amount of time to each outfit, so I'll encourage changes at appropriate times. And we'll shoot until your scheduled time ends. From there, your business headshots are complete.

What happens after your headshot photoshoot?

You'll pay your remaining balance at the end of your shoot if you have one and also send in a working email address.


Within 48 hours after your acting headshot session, you will be sent tear sheets (which are mini pictures of all of your pictures) of your shoot. All the actors headshots will be included.

You then can take as much time as you need to choose the selections that you want, based on the number of pictures included in your package (you also have the option to purchase more images if you'd like). Feel free to get advice from any acting managers or casting directors that you know.


You'll send us your selections once chosen and within 10 business days I'll send you the finished product of your portrait photography, including all selected images raw, along with your selected retouched images in high resolution, which follows industry standards. I do my best to give a fast turnaround time so that you be ready to submit for your next big role.

Once you get your headshots, be sure to use them for more than your resume - post them on your social media, online gallery, or wherever you promote your personal brand. Let people know that you are available, active, and serious about your craft so that it can open doors to more auditions and opportunities.



When I shoot business headshots for actors I do nearly all of my photography shooting with a Canon 5D Mark IV (which is a really nice camera). And I have three main lenses that include 35mm, 50mm, and 85mm, three great lenses for headshot photographers. These variations help me create headshots for any occasion.



I do most of my in-studio photography headshot sessions at HQpixel Studio in East Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York NY.

It is a fully equipped 1000 square foot space with professional lighting equipment, a cyc wall, backdrops, and the best natural lighting in Brooklyn. It is a great space for any professional headshot photographer to shoot at.

HQpixel Studio can be booked at the website here: along with some professional headshot examples. There are also plenty of scenic visuals in the area if we decide to do any shooting outdoors.

Why do I need actor headshots?

An actor's headshot is like the calling card to their acting career. It is the first thing that a casting director and talent agencies will see before seeing what you look like in real life. Working actors rely on good headshots to speak for them for online casting calls before they get the chance to speak for themselves.

When you are submitting for acting jobs through online submissions you'll need a profile image and a good headshot will not just plainly show your face, but also tell a little bit about your character

Really great headshots will give most actors a fighting chance at standing out amongst the maybe hundreds of faces that a casting person will see for a project. 


So most photographers that are skilled at shooting acting headshots will be cognizant of pulling out a shot that will help you get great work from casting directors. 

8R9A3609 copy_edited.jpg
8R9A2198 copy_edited_edited.jpg


The best headshot photographers will strive to take professional pictures of you that show your unique qualities and the real you. Casting directors see so many different people so your headshot is their first impression of you so it needs to really be memorable.


Heavy makeup is not necessary for a professional headshot for an actor. At most you should have a natural makeup look so that it looks like you in your actor headshot. 

Feel Comfortable:

Be sure to schedule your headshot session at a time when you are stress-free and ready to feel comfortable. You don't want to have a lot of tension and stress on your face if you want to get a great headshot. Look to have a fun time in your headshot session because it will help you be more fluid with your headshot looks and expressions.

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