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Top Talent Agencies in NYC 

By Lydia Claire


Are you seeking talent representation in New York City? Look no further. Consider this your comprehensive guide to New York City’s top talent agencies, offering representation in television, film, modeling, commercial and print industries. 


Avalon Artists Group

The Avalon Artists Group is a full service talent agency. If you’re seeking representation in film, television, commercials, theater, voiceover, print, industrials, or hosting, The Avalon Artists Group has you covered. 

Since the agency was established in 2005, they’ve amassed an impressive array of projects. In television, they’ve worked on binge-worthy series like Succession, American Horror Story, Grey’s Anatomy, and Orange is the New Black. In the realm of theater, they boast the likes of Wicked, Hamilton, and The Music Man. 

Contact Avalon Artists Group


Buchwald is also a full service agency, divided into thirteen different departments: 

  • Broadcast 

  • Comedy 

  • Podcasts

  • Commercial NY 

  • Commercial Print NY 

  • Digital and Branded Lifestyle

  • Emerging Talent

  • Film, Theatre and TV 

  • Literary and Intellectual Property 

  • Social Media Influencer Talent

  • Sports 

  • Voiceover 

  • Animation and Gaming 

If you’re seeking a well-established talent agency, Buchwald will likely appeal to you. The agency has been in operation since 1977, when Don Buchwald launched the project with five of his associates. It has been an industry heavyweight ever since. 

Contact Buchwald

Central Casting NY

Calling all background actors! Central Casting NY is the talent agency for you. 

Central Casting NY was launched in 1925 by Will Hays, president of the Motion Picture Producers and Distributors of America. Nearly a full century later, it remains a highly successful institution, representing background actors, stand-ins, and doubles. 

Central Casting NY casts both film and television actors. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Euphoria, Hacks, and Avengers: Endgame are among the series and features they’ve casted. 

Contact Central Casting NY

Funny Face Today 

Funny Face Today has been casting for print and on camera projects for over forty years, representing talent of all ages within their Children and Adult Divisions. 

Funny Face Today has worked with countless corporate clients, including Coca Cola, Apple, and Target, as well as print publications like The Oprah Magazine and Seventeen Magazine. On camera, the agency has worked on the likes of Good Morning America and Sex and the City. 

Contact Funny Face Today

Future Faces NYC

Future Faces NYC is a leading representative for babies, children, and teenagers. This boutique agency is known for its selectivity, pursuing talent who possess unique qualities and adhere to current trends. 

Future Faces NYC models have been featured in advertising campaigns for brands like Nike, Ralph Lauren, and GAP. 

Contact Future Faces NYC

Light and Salt Agency

Light and Salt Agency offers attentive representation to performers and musicians. Their services cover commercials, television, film, voice-overs, modeling, dance, hosting, music production, theater, book publishing and small business services. 

Light and Salt Agency also offers customized services that aim to demystify industry challenges like navigating trademarks, copyrights, and contracts. 

Contact Light and Salt Agency

New York Model Management

New York Model Management is a notable titan in the fashion industry. Owner Heinz Holba opened L.A. Models in 1985, soon followed by New York Model Management in 1995. 

New York Model Management offers full service to its clients and books all over the United States as well as Europe. The agency maintains a kid division in addition to an adult division. 

Contact New York Model Management

Paradigm Talent Agency

Paradigm Talent Agency has been in operation for three decades. The agency features global representation and spans many industries. 

If you’re seeking representation in television, film, book publishing, or brand partnerships, Paradigm Talent Agency may be worth pursuing. 

Contact Paradigm Talent Agency

Take 3 Talent

Take 3 Talent has represented children and adults in film, television, voiceover, commercials, comedy, print and theater for over twenty-five years. 

Take 3 Talent clients within the adult division have graced advertisement campaigns for American Express, Bare Minerals, and Hermes. Meanwhile, Take 3 Talent clients within the children division have shot with the likes of Oscar de la Renta, Uniqlo, and Levi’s. 

Contact Take 3 Talent

W Talent Agency 

W Talent NYC represents models, actors, and performers of all persuasions. It differentiates itself from other talent agencies by emphasizing the coaching it offers to developing talent, promising lessons in personal integrity and marketing skills. 

Like Take 3 Talent, W Talent Agency has been in operation for around twenty-five years. Their modeling roster is particularly well-developed, offering representation to all manner of fashion, lifestyle, and plus-size models.

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