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Where To Find Modeling Jobs

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The nice thing about becoming a model is that you don’t need any formal education or a certificate to become one. However, lacking a traditional education also lacks traditional resources that help someone find a job in their field. So where do you start if you want to apply for modeling jobs? The best way to begin is to create a strong portfolio of yourself. Once you have that you can find acting jobs through agency websites, casting calls, social media, and networking. Learning to master each form of self-advertising will get you closer to a full-time modeling career.

Building Your Portfolio

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Although formal training is not necessary to become a model, that doesn’t mean you can show up to a job interview empty-handed. Before you even start applying, you need to put together a beginning portfolio. Use a range of photos that show off your looks in a variety of situations, from headshots to full-body shots. Even if you don’t have any previous modeling to include, just taking your own photos will show clients what they can expect from you as a model.

Remember when you finish putting together your portfolio you should make a digital copy and a physical copy. Digital copies of your portfolio are more convenient to send on websites and emails, while physical copies are handy for in-person meetings. Having both shows you are prepared for your job and are ready to meet the challenges of whatever photo shoot they planned.

Contact An Agency

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Some models do freelance work by themselves, while others are represented by a modeling agency. A modeling agency helps its employees find reliable, well-paying gigs. Its level of recognition in the modeling world can also boost your credibility just for being under its care. If you choose to apply for a modeling agency, make sure you do your research on the company. Try to find the company that treats its models the best and offers fair rates. A little research can go a long way.

Attend Casting Calls

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Both modeling agencies and advertising companies put out casting calls to bring in fresh talent. Casting calls typically gather a large group of interested candidates and run them through some test shoots. This helps them review your portfolio and see how you might handle a potential job. If the casting directors think you’ll be a good fit, they’ll offer to call you back in at a later date. Keep an eye out online if any local agencies are offering casting calls and don’t be afraid to attend.

Manage Your Social Media

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Social media is the most important communication tool at your disposal. It is the best place for you to find postings for potential jobs and casting calls. After setting up a professional account that is separate from your personal account, try following artists and companies that might hire you. You can also browse specific hashtags that companies use to advertise their modeling opportunities. Social media is your best method of scouting for gigs.

The great thing about social media is that it isn’t only for communication, but also a way to advertise yourself. Posting images from your portfolio or practices will draw in casting scouts. Just be sure to add appropriate hashtags so your posts can reach the right people. If you look your best and post pictures often, these scouts will want to reach out and invite you to an interview. 

Practice Your Networking

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One of the most important ways to break into the modeling scene is to create a strong network of people. It’s not all about putting yourself out there and waiting for a response; you need to go out and present yourself to people. Anyone in the industry can connect you to potential gigs - directors, models, photographers, stylists, or even secretaries. The people you meet and build a rapport with can offer you opportunities you never imagined finding alone.

Keep Trying

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These methods are the most likely to connect you with modeling jobs, but it isn’t always easy. Making a name for yourself is hard work, and you’ll likely need to audition a hundred times before landing something. Despite the work, you must remember to remain positive. Don’t let the rejections and radio silence get to you. If you know you have something good to offer the modeling world, gigs will find their way to you sooner or later.

Alyssa Buffington

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