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Best Talent Agencies in NYC
Where to start when attempting to seek out representation in the big city.
By Ryen Hilton

Madeline Early
Moving to New York City as an artist can be quite scary. Whether you are choosing
to be an actor, a model, a painter, or a filmmaker, this city is very intimidating.
Figuring out the inner workings of a city so vast and rich in opportunity can be
overwhelming, and you may have trouble figuring out where to begin. As a young
artist, we all may feel lost, we may feel naïve, and at times we can feel unprepared.
Something that I know most young artists and how most people feel. So with this
piece, I aim to offer a complete guide for young artists, across all mediums, to help
provide a list that may locate where to start on your creative journey.

Light & Salt Model and Talent Agency
This Agency's full representation includes: Television, commercial, film, theatre,
voiceover, dance, hosting, music production, book publishing, etc. Showing how
broad their services cover, giving many different types of artists opportunities to
gain support from an Agency that will best support you. They cover contracts,
licensing, and copyright, and for writers it can allow them to freely protect their
work in a safe space. I chose this Agency simply because I believe it covers a wide
range of representation, and while researching, I found a community who spoke
about how they felt fully supported and taken care of under their representation.
For young artists it is especially important to prioritize an agency that will view
you as an individual and make you feel heard.
Located: 224 W 35th St Suite 500-115, New York, NY 10001
Contact: 646-767-3757

Aperture Talent
Aperture Talent is an agency that works with
actors in television, film, theatre, as well as
digital media artists. They pride themselves in
recognizing new talent and their ability to
specialize within each client they choose to
bring in. This agency is a strong place to start
simply because they assist young artists and
help them get attuned to the industry. It’s so
helpful to gain representation with an agency
that wants to bring in new actors to help open
up opportunities, and expose new and fresh
artists within the film, tv, commercial, and

digital media industry. This is a good place to start researching and contacting if
you want to start getting representation.
Located: 300 Park Avenue S suite 201, New York, NY 10010
Contact: 212-271-1634
CESD Talent Agency
CESD talent agency is an agency out of this list that covers the most departments.
They range from commercial, voiceover, theatre, film, television, modeling, and
print to puppeteering, dance, hosting, animation, and gaming. They represent it all,
and if you’re an artist that isn’t seeking an acting or modeling agent, this is the
place for you. They are cutthroat and will have your back when it comes to
contracts and making sure you are as supported as you can be within any job that
you book through them. You want an agency that will do whatever they can to best
support you and will always ensure that your needs are fulfilled, they have 32
agents in their offices and are bicoastal as well. Most of these agencies are
bicoastal, and a good agency isn’t based on where they are located, but it definitely
helps if you choose to relocate to the west coast. This is a great agency to consider
as a young artist, especially if you want to venture into other mediums.
Location: 333 7th Ave. #11, New York, NY 10001
Contact: 212-477-1666
Innovative Artists
I’ve mentioned throughout this piece that these agencies take care of their clients,
with this one however, it makes their clients a priority. They pride themselves in
creating a personalized plan and relationship between each client and agent, which
is something many agents will verbally claim, but won’t always follow through.
They work to keep their company in check with the industry and they teach their
employees to learn and enforce a supportive social environment. The artists

industry is filled with stereotype and prejudice and it can be quite hard to make it
far if you fit into a marginalized group. It is especially important to sign to an
agency that really teaches their staff to ensure that their clients are taken care of no
matter the circumstance. It wasn’t until quite recently that a great social change has
been attempted, and when you are seeking an agency, I advise you to make sure
they are able to understand societal struggle, and will do everything in their power
to enforce change through contract and relationship. They represent Actors
(commercial, theatrical, film & TV, voiceover), Literary artists, Comedy,
Production, etc. They specialize in technical artistry and do their best to give
platforms to artists who work behind the scenes. This is a great Agency to begin to
contact, since they have a solid and strategic plan in creating great change within
any artistic industry.
Location: 235 Park Ave S, New York, NY 10003
Contact: 212-659-5100

Paradigm Agency
Paradigm Agency is an agency that works globally to ensure they collect a diverse
group of artists. They are proud to say that they work passionately to creatively
fulfill their clients needs in order to best support them. They represent Actors
(commercial, film, TV, voiceover, theatre), Literary Artists, Digital Artists,
Directors, they work with Crossovers between Writers and Directors, and they
represent choreographers as well. They work with book publishing, and brand
partnerships to create a sound environment with their content creators to make sure
their financial compensation is being taken care of. They are proud and excited to
add on young talent to their team as they are passionate about bringing new and
young artists into their desired industry. This Agency seems to work great with
pairing different artists off in order to combine mediums and encourage
collaboration. Which in any industry is especially important to put into account.
They seem disciplined and inspired enough to encourage creation, and curate a
sound and supportive environment where you can best create.
Location:140 Broadway 26th floor, New York, NY 10005
Contact: 212-897-6400

What’s most important when seeking the right
agency for you, is to find what will best encourage
you to take care of yourself. It gets easy to find
yourself lost in the everlasting loop of seeking a
big break, when in actuality it's about creation and
the beauty behind the work that we choose to do.
Young Artists are the future of creative work. It
can be easy to bite yourself regarding how you can
innovate today, it may feel like everything has

been done, it will exhaust you to try and find purpose and worth inside your art, yet
it is all possible. This city is a scary place to navigate, and it is so easy to get lost,
but trusting yourself and knowing that what you’re doing and where you are going
will be marvelous is the best way you can approach finding an Agency.

All photos are credited to Madeline Early @madelineearlyphoto

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