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Booking Netflix: How to Find Casting Calls & Auditions

There was once a time that Netflix was a simple DVD delivery service, competing
with the likes of Redbox. Their first forays into media production weren’t necessarily
taken seriously by the big guys at first - but now, Netflix has become a bastion of cutting
edge and riveting television & films that actors the world over are clamoring to be a part
of. If you’ve got what it takes to be the star of the next 13 Reasons Why or Riverdale
and just need help getting your feet into that casting call, this guide could be what brings
you that big Netflix break you’ve been waiting for.

Getting a Backstage Membership

Backstage is a website and magazine with a massive source of casting calls, as well
having listings for talent. This site is an industry standard and Netflix is known to regularly post
audition notices there - as well as a lot of other major industry players, such as A24. To access
these casting calls and be able to respond, you may have to invest in the Backstage paid
subscription. Remember that you are going to have to put not only time and effort but finances
into your career if you truly want to see those returns. If Backstage is a viable option for you
right now, go for it!

Consistency Is Key

Netflix gets a lot of submissions, all the time. Only the most determined of actors
will be able to land those auditions and roles. Do not become discouraged if your first
submission doesn’t get you the part. In fact, don’t get discouraged if your first five
submissions don’t work out! Keep trying and submitting. Over time, those casting
directors will get to know your face and recognize your dedication, and that’s always a
good look.

Know Who’s Casting

Networking is important for any self-starting artist, and acting is no different. Try
to find out who the casting directors are, and consider reaching out to them through a
business email to ask them some questions about the casting call. If you do manage to
get to an audition or even just be an extra on set, make as many connections as
possible. Take notes from Sam Clifford, who has appeared in Cobra Kai and Outer
Banks, and is currently playing a leading role at the live Stranger Things Experience in
Atlanta. “When I first landed that extra part for Outer Banks, I talked to everyone I came
across and tried to build up those relationships. One of the best tips I can give anyone is

to know exactly who it is you’re working with or for, and being on good terms with them.
They ended up calling me back to appear in a different scene a few weeks later, and
they asked if I could bring some of my actor friends along to appear as well. That also
goes to show how important it is to have good rapport with your colleagues in this

Keep Your Info Updated

For any actor, it’s vital to make sure your resume, headshots, and reels are up to
date and a reflection of your talents. Consider reaching out to a local photography
studio to book some time for new headshots. You can also use this time to film new
reels that you can tailor to each casting call. When picking what to perform for a reel, try
to think of roles that remind you of the description in the casting call posting. Stay within
the genre of the production, too - if the casting call is for a dramatic romance film, don’t
submit your best comedic monologue.

Find Representation

Easier said than done, we know. However, putting in the work it takes to find an
agent interested in representing you will make a huge difference in your career
trajectory. Agents have access to many casting calls and auditions that your average
actor may not. This ties in with the aforementioned importance of networking. Go to
local film premieres and other industry events, and try to mingle with the people around
you. You never know who you’re gonna meet! You can also reach out to other actors
and see if their representatives are seeking new talent. If your peers have gotten a
chance to see your strong work ethic and performing abilities, combined with a positive
relationship, you could have an agent sending you out on auditions sooner than you

Booking Netflix is a goal for many actors in current times. It may feel like you’re
up against impossible odds, with so many incredible talents vying for those coveted
roles. However, you are always going to be your biggest critic! Have confidence in
yourself, and put your talents out there at every chance you can. With the right level of
commitment, those casting calls will find their way to you in a way you never thought
possible. Break a leg!

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