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Getting Your Family To Cooperate for Family Photos


A family portrait can be a great way to preserve memories. You can get countless
prints and send out a piece of your life to friends and relatives across borders and large
distances. However, if you are a family with young children, you may have concerns
about taking them to a photoshoot. It’s normal for parents to be nervous that their kids
will be way too restless for something like a shoot. However, that doesn’t mean you
should give up those precious photos! There are plenty of steps that you can take
which, combined with a bit of patience, will keep everyone sane and get you a great


Work With Your Kids

As a parent, you probably know by now that a constant need to be moving
around is built in to a child’s nature. The brain of a kid, as we’ve all experienced
ourselves at one point, simply has a shorter attention span than ours. It can be difficult
for a child to sit still and be patient for the lengths of time required for a photoshoot
through no fault of their own. Being angry with your kids for this behavior could work in
the short term, but do you really want your children frowning and looking upset in a
photo you paid a lot of money for? Keep your cool and try not to chastise your kid for
being a kid. Be stern as needed, but be patient and try to plan some fun activities
around the shoot in order to keep their mood up.


Pick An Experienced Photographer

Family photo shoots require a photographer who can handle the task at hand.
First and foremost, you should always work with someone you are comfortable with. Of
course, this applies to any photoshoot, but it is especially important to keep this in mind
when your children are involved. See if you can find any photographers who have
worked with children before, as they will probably be better at keeping the kids
interested. Prior experiences will also lead them to be more patient. It is very possible
there will be many times you will need to stop and remind the children to behave, and
having an annoyed photographer is only going to make the experience worse for you..

Find A Quiet Space

While you may associate family photos with the mall, it isn’t the 80s anymore.
There are better routes to take - or rather, better places to take pictures. On top of that,
popular locations for families may necessitate that you limit your time, which will
certainly increase stress surrounding the shoot. Your photographer will also be a lot less
exhausted if they haven’t been dealing with rowdy kids all day. Finding a small studio
space you can rent out for a few hours can help everyone involved relax, leading to

easier cooperation with the kids. Your children might even have fun being in a cool
photography studio; it could spark interest in a future career!
If you’re in the New York area, we suggest you look no further than right here at
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children of different ages. We are located in East Williamsburg, having a location central
to the entire NYC area. HQPixel is connected with a number of photographers in the
area, and we can help you find the right match for your family shoot. Check out our
website for rates and reservation info!


Dress Comfortably

It is natural to want your family to dress their best for the photoshoot. However,
keep in mind that your kids are going to have to be sitting still for potentially hours, and
uncomfortable clothing will only make this far more difficult for them. Plan early what you
will all be wearing to the shoot. Decide what level of formality you want for the photo,
and make sure everyone is dressed accordingly. Above all else, ask your children if they
are comfortable and happy wearing their chosen outfits to the shoot. Your children

should feel confident in their pictures, too!


Getting a family photo taken is an exciting event. Seeing the shot that you’ll
cherish for years to come is a joyous feeling, and you’ll feel that happiness every time
you see the photo. At the end of the day, that’s what matters the most - so regardless of
what happens at the shoot, appreciate the great pictures you will get to share with your children when they get older.

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