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Famous Fashion Photographers of All Time


Fashion photography covers the photography of all clothing and accessorizing items. These items are mainly photographed for the purpose of advertising and show the designers’ work on magazines. A fashion photographer captures the aesthetics of clothes by focusing on style and purpose of the certain designs and portray images to customers in a way that attracts them to the brand’s product.


There are/were many famous fashion photographers throughout history, but a couple of the best are discussed below:


George hoyningen-huene:


George hoyningen-huene was an American-Russian fashion photographer of twentieth century. He is well-known for his refined and sophisticated black and white portraits. He will be the inspiration of his unreal skills of photographing a classic timeless masterpiece with perfectly balanced colors, well defined shadows, and hint of modernism. He was one of the main leading photographers at Vogue and Vanity fair magazine because of his mastery in fashion photography. He also worked as a fashion draftsman for Harper’s bazaar and Fairchild’s magazine in beginning and then did a photography for harper’s bazaar. His most popular collection of portraits is displayed in world’s best-known Museums. 


Tim Walker:


Tim walker is one of the most inventive and expressive photographers today. He’s known for his international fashion career and for his contribution to British vogue. He began his career with portrait and narrative based photographs and now his career is moving towards nude portraits. His new contemporary style makes him known for his versatility in fashion photography. His work is inspired by sensuous photographers of the past. Currently, his work is published in multiple museums as well as multiple magazines.


Mario Testino:


Mario Testino is known as a fashion and portrait mogul. His work ranges from magazines to brand advertisement. His portfolio is ever expanding as he has worked with many different brands such as Michael Kors, Versace, Gucci, Chenal etc. he started his career by portraying his youth in his work and eventually grew to making portraits of stars, models, artists etc. he has worked with many of the royal family in London and continues to work with multiple A-listers to this day. 


Terry Richardson:


Terry Richardson is a celebrity in the fashion photography industry. His work is sexually explicit and drives a sort of manliness to it. His trendsetting style of aviator glasses and a handlebar mustache became the reason for his fame. His work has been advertised with Marc Jacobs, Yves Saint Laurent, etc. It continues to grow, even with bumps on the road. 


Patrick Demarchelier:


Patrick Demarchelier was a creative wizard, who made photogenic people look better. His work crossed many platforms, as he did magazine covers, album covers, advertisement campaigns, and much more. He was well-known for being Princess Diana’s personal photographer. Known for his speed and enthusiasm, most of the individuals he worked with, didn’t know how to react with his speed, which he adored as it gave him the chance to catch the most honest reactions. He always believed that his best work is yet to come and that he will always continue to grow. 


Mariano Vivanco: 


Mariano Vivanco became an international fashion photographer at a very young age. He settled on this career in London and didn’t look back. He has worked with some of the best international magazines, such as Vogue, GQ, Vanity Fair, etc. His fashion adapts with the times but have his twist in them. A trendsetter, to say the least, on all occasions. His style ranges from basic fashion to more elaborate designs. Working with nudity and eccentric posing, his work will always be remembered. 


Edward Steichen:


Edward Steichen was a fashion photographer before any of the other members on this list. His work paved the path to what fashion photography has become today. Edward became famous and well-known as a commercial photographer in between 1920s. He was known for turn photography into an art form. Steichen stared the fashion photography with Art et Decoration. Once Edward said that he wanted to explore the certain aspects of the technique of photography. He also documented the human drama of World War ii. He was the only photographer of that time who introduce his work of art a humanizing power in the modern world. 


Bill Cunningham:


Bill Cunningham was an American fashion photographer who is mostly known for his street fashion photography. He spent most of his life working for The New York Times. He became famous for designing women’s hats and then he started writing about fashion.


There can be no doubt that these fashion photographers does wonder when it comes to photography that’s why they are famous and well-known in the world.


By: Areeba Arif

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