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Why You Should Hire a Headshot Professional
By Keanisha Johnson

It is 2022 and it’s time for people to take you seriously.  Did you know that people judge you 11 seconds after meeting you and they decide whether or not if you’re a good fit for the job? You’ve heard of the saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover, but sadly you are being judged. An attractive head shot will offer viewers a hint of your personality. You want people to perceive you as a skilled expert in your field. You want people to view you as an accomplished leader. Sometimes, people can go as far as looking into your eyes. You can detect hidden emotions, attitudes and thoughts. Show them that you’re a pro.

Why spend hundreds on a simple head shot anyway?

Money might be tight and you will probably opt for a cheaper option and while sometimes a great camera may offer exceptional photos in the end you will regret that decision later. Why? Nothing beats high quality head photos that can literally go anywhere from the rear of public transportation to billboards off the highway exit ramps. Now that’s fantastic quality. Do you see what I’m talking about? No I-phone can match that kind of superior-quality. If you want the world to take your business serious

  • You’ll need to create your Personal brand so you want that Supreme head shot to stand out to your viewers

  • You’ll need Topflight head shots on Websites, Real Estate,  if you’re an Actor, Lawyer, Doctor, Nurse or just to perfect your LinkedIn profile, Emails, Business cards, Social Media, which is very important if you’re an entrepreneur

  • You’ll want your audience and potential clients to perceive you in an Admirable way whether you are on or off camera

    Again you can have your family use their phones, but that probably won’t capture the great lighting and certainly won’t produce retouches that will get rid of ugly blemishes on your face or take off 15 unwanted lbs., etc.

Head shots can be Real Expensive but well worth it


It depends on how experienced the photographer is. There have been cases of the photographer being brand new charging as much as $350. As the years go on and the
experience level goes up, the prices can range from $500 to $1000 for one retouched
head shot photo with the proper gear and lighting. (Again professionals know what
they’re doing so that’s why they can charge that much per photo). The experienced photographer can change your background three times to your satisfaction. You can
use that same photo and change it around any way you like it, using one version for
Social Media and another version with a white background for Real Estate. Another
reason why head shots can be so expensive is because the lenses and cameras can
cost the professional hundreds of dollars and not to mention studio rentals, travel
expenses, lawyer fees, insurance and bookkeeping. Professional head shot photographers
need to make a decent living after expenses so as long as you’re getting Stellar quality
head shots, usually there are no complaints.

You get what you pay for

In other words, if you have $100 Dollars, you’re probably going to get a $100 Dollar blurry head photo. Beware of the red flags. If a Photographer argues with you about how they produce the head shots and lights, then that means that they are inexperienced. A real professional shouldn’t try to convince you that ‘One Way’ is good. As a customer you should get the images that you desire. Check out the photographer’s portfolio to make sure they specialize in head shots.

The importance of a Professional Head Shot

  • Look good on social media

  • Real-estate

  • Business cards

  • Internet

  • Avoid extreme posing

  • Career changes

  • Corporate clients

    Again people want to make sure they are choosing the right candidate to work with or
    whatever case may be. You need a Stellar ‘head shot’ so that you’ll feel confident and that you look acceptable. Remember, people judge a book by its cover all the time. If you don’t take your business serious, neither will anyone else. You should never try to let family and friends use their camera phone for your head shot. The cheaper the camera, the blurry your photo will be. Quality head shots are your life especially for your business ventures. So never try to cheat yourself and take your career serious.


Check out some quality head photographers in the area


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