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How to be a good Actor
By Keanisha M Johnson

Do what makes you happy but do it all for the right reasons. If you’re pursuing an acting career, you should focus on trying to be the best that you can be. Don’t focus on how much money you can make because the money will eventually come. You want people to recognize your talents and gifts and then they’ll want to see you. You want people to talk about how excellent you played that role and how they can’t wait to see that movie again and again just because of your humor. You want to make a positive impression on people’s lives that they will change their own situation whether it is good or bad just by admiring your phenomenal acting skills. If you focus on that, then you’ll be highly successful.

Acting can be a fun lucrative career but is it for you?

  • Can you accept the fact that you might be away from your family or a sick loved one for months at a time?

  • Can you handle the stress of not finding your next gig?

  • Do you have the proper medication for mental or emotional issues (if you have them) that you can put to the side that won’t make your co-workers uncomfortable to be around you?

  • How is your confidence level?

Whoever you’re acting for whether it is television, theater, movies, music videos or commercials, it’s important for the casting professional or creators to KNOW who you are after your auditions then before you auditioned. Sometimes you have to do self-examination to find out who you really are and let that certain trait of you shine.

Are you like a comedian, are you a very serious individual, do you have a beautiful winning smile, do you speak your mind to the point that you could care less about the reaction of others, believe it or not all these certain traits can be valuable to your personality for an acting gig. If your friends/family/co-workers loves you for it, chances are your audience will love it also.


Nobody is perfect

Stop thinking that you have to be picture perfect. Casting directors aren’t looking for ‘picture perfect’ acting. Coaches can tell if you’re being authentic or not. They want you to do your best and be the best that you can be. They want to be able to show you off to the world. Acting coaches have time for you if you believe in yourself. If you don’t have the passion to act then don’t do it because it’ll show in your mannerisms. This is a fun career and should be taken seriously. Companies want to make millions! Nobody’s perfect but you should give it your ALL in your casting tapes and auditions. Really study that character’s facial expressions and voice with the body movements as if you were that person. You have 15 seconds to WOW that casting director.

Are you afraid of the jitters?

It is common for a brand new person who’s been dreaming to become an actor since childhood to finally have the chance to walk into the audition room full of directors and feel that Anxiety takes over. The best thing to do to avoid this from happening is to practice in front of family and friends as if they were the directors. Use the nerves to your benefit. Another thing you can do is record yourself acting and watch the tape several times and pick your most favorite recording. 

Mental health and determination matters

Every role you want you sadly won’t get. This can have an impact on your mental health. Learn not to take things personally especially if you want to be well known in the acting industry. Nobody wants to work with you if you have a history of anger issues. Instead learn what you’re doing right and eliminate what you’re doing wrong. Take care of any mental health issues with the proper meds and eat healthy. Make sure nothing is clouding your mind with family emergencies or break ups. Your mind needs to be CLEAR when you get involved in this career. There is no time to be worrying about if your significant other is cheating while you try to impress a room full of acting coaches!

You can do anything you put your mind to. It’s not easy to become an actor/ actress and sadly it’s a lot easier for others because they have family members already in the business so that makes a gateway for them. Life is not fair. Don’t give up and know it’s possible for you to succeed. It depends on you!


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