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17 Easy Ways To Boost Your Modeling Instagram









The Importance of Instagram To Your Modeling Career


Independent modeling thrives on Instagram. Long gone are the days of social media models being seen as just a pretty face - many now world-renowned runway faces were once known as "Insta models" themselves. Many aspiring models want to become an Instagram model because it is the ideal place for their big break. Anyone interested in starting a modeling career can benefit from a presence on the platform.


Top Instagram models can get paid to advertise things like makeup and apparel on their accounts. There is even a possibility of being approached for personal brand collaborations if you can grow a large enough audience. The opportunity to become a brand ambassador and work with high end brands is just one of many goals an IG model can aim for.


With the help of Instagram, the opportunities for growth are endless for any model. However, competition is stiff on the platform and growth will rarely happen overnight. This is why the hottest Instagram models follow a few simple rules to help grow their channel. By following these tips, you can make sure your profile stands out among the crowd.

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17 Easy Ways To Boost Your Instagram Account


#1 - Find Your Niche

Currently, many of the most prestigious modeling agencies and top luxury brands are scouting models via Instagram. An Instagram model can be discovered by just posting to their feeds. If these high fashion agencies reach out to you, there could be a million followers on your account in no time.

With all this new opportunity, though, comes new competition. In order to bring attention to your posts, figure out your style and learn what works best for you. Cultivating a niche audience helps set you apart from other Instagram users and draws potential brands to your unique style. Look for a niche you can cater to that highlights your strengths and personality, and build a personal brand around it.


#2 - Design Your Heading

The heading section is the first thing people will see and read when they get to your page, so be strategic with how you want to be viewed. A successful modeling career shows off the personal styles of each model, so your heading should reflect that. If you need inspiration, check the Instagram accounts of other Instagram models for layout ideas. Many of the most famous Instagram models will have a similar template to work with.

This is the first place you should let people know you're a model. You want new followers to know what your page is about, and a well-explained heading has a huge impact on that success. If you are signed with an agency or have a mother agent, add this to your bio and/or tag their page. You don't have to put your exact location, but you should name what major city you are closest to. Include what kind of bookings you are available for, as well.

The basic idea of your heading should show the best features of your account and be clear on what your Instagram feed will present. Successful Instagram models make their header appealing to followers and brand deals alike.


#3 - Plan Your Content Schedule

Having a solid plan for when you want to post is a great way to stay on top of consistency while using the time you have. It can help to create a portfolio of your photos and videos with labels for when you will post. Use apps like Preview to see what your post will look like on your page. Preview also allows you to schedule an unlimited amount of posts ahead of time.

In addition to planning your posts, don't forget to plan out your Instagram stories as well.  These are a great, easy way to build a more personal relationship with your followers. People tend to prefer watching stories with a more professional feel, so don't post stories you haven't planned out.


#4 - Post Professional Photos

If you want to be taken seriously, particularly if you are a newer model, you want to post as many professional modeling photos as possible. The best way to accomplish this is to find photographers to collaborate with. Look around for people who will fit your style and book a photo shoot as soon as you can. Hire a make up artist as well. Use these photos to introduce yourself on your new page.

Once you build more relationships with photographers and book more gigs, post all your shoots. Think of Instagram as your modeling career resume. You want your IG account to only include high quality content, so you'll need hard work to get great pictures.

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#5- Use Hashtags & Locations To Be Seen

Many people search and follow hashtags around topics that they are interested in, so take the time to research the top hashtags relating to your niche. Check the hashtags that other models are using on their posts. Keeping your images at the top of those popular hashtag pages is a great marketing strategy that can bring in tons of new supporters. Your followers on Instagram rely on hashtags because it's how many followers find new content, so make use of each relevant hashtag.

If you are at a popular location or new city, tag this in your post as well. Even walking around new areas in your day-to-day life can lead to interesting locations. Using locations can offer more opportunities in the area. Having your photos attached to specific locations, especially those frequented by people in your niche, can help your popularity on social media.













#6 - Tag Everyone!

Tagging everyone who is involved in your shoots is a good way to contribute to your follower count. By tagging someone, your post will end up in their profile's tagged photo section, adding to your potential visibility and helping you gain more likes. A professional Instagram model will be sure to tag relevant users that will boost their popularity, so give credit where it's due.


This is important for building relationships and increasing your network. It also offers behind-the-scenes content that gives credit to everyone that helps in the early stages of the process.


#7 - Use Captivating and Engaging Captions

Be creative with your captions. You want to write something that will pair well with your photo, not just explain it. A clever caption that reflects your personality can make your followers want to engage more. It helps to learn about the target audience of your modeling scene when thinking up captions.

As an example, create a question you can pose in your caption to drive engagement and get your followers to respond in the comments. The more engagement you get, the more likely the Instagram algorithm will show your images to more people. This will help you get noticed and make your followers happy.


#8 - Share Reels & Videos

The Instagram algorithm rewards people a lot more for reels and videos than for standalone images. Many Instagram models utilize this feature often. To become an Instagram model, you'll need to use all of the features available to you. Find ways you can use this feature to boost your personal brand online and ensure your audience always sees your posts.


#9 - Use Instagram To Network

Instagram is a great tool for one of the most important parts of building your modeling career - networking. You have access to top brands, major celebrities, fellow creatives, and popular influencers all in one place. Brands like reaching out to an incredibly successful Instagram account to elevate both accounts.


Message brands that you want to model for. Contact photographers that you would love to shoot with. Reach out to your favorite celebrities and influencers with collaboration ideas. You never know who will respond, so make a habit of taking the chance. It may be a bit difficult to get their attention if you haven't been around a very long time, but building relationships like these take dedication. Be respectful, but don't give up easily.


#10 - Make Informational Content

As an Instagram model,  engagement is key. Useful, informational content is a great way to get your followers to interact with your posts. Once you've set up your niche, your Instagram posts can further the success of your brand.

Creating content about nutrition and diet tips, makeup tutorials, conversations about the modeling industry, style tips, or any topic in your niche is a good idea. Instagram users are also often inclined to share this kind of content, helping you reach new potential followers. Becoming a source of industry information can help you become an internet personality that many brands and followers trust.


#11 - Take Advantage of Connections

As you start to get work in the fashion industry it is likely that you'll start to rub elbows with notable photographers, designers, and successful models. If you run into people you respect or recognize at a shoot or event, don't be afraid to introduce yourself. These people may make a significant difference in your modeling career.


A good conversation can be a great way to exchange Instagram handles with someone. Once new followers visit your page, they will see you are followed by other successful people, which boosts your online reputation. The connections you make help grow your number of followers and often help models make money from agencies and brands.


Any time you are photographed with other models or famous friends, be sure to post the photo to social media and tag the other people. These posts will help you build a reputable online brand, which shows your audience that your career is growing. Help from other accounts is a great way to grow yours.


#12 - Collaborate With Brands

When an Instagram model reaches a high enough threshold of popularity, they might be approached to collaborate with fashion brands and photographers. If you receive these offers, say yes as often as possible. Always be cautious of scams, but if trustworthy brands pay for you to promote them, accept them often.


Collaborating with others will open doors for you in the modeling world. You can also attempt to initiate collaborations yourself when you are starting out. Try reaching out to specific brands that work in your niche to see if collaborations are on the table. Other fashion brands may start to take notice of your collaborations and want to work with you.


#13 - Keep Your Following Count Low

Another rule of thumb for models looking to build their accounts is to manage your follower count. Most successful models follow far fewer people than they have followers. Generally speaking, as an Instagram model, following any number fewer people than the number of people who follow you is a safe rule to live by. The hottest Instagram models out there focus more on growing their brand than following other brands.

The reason for this is that you want to appear desired and influential, even if your brand isn't necessarily there yet. Having a huge following count while not having as many followers can come across as desperate or make you seem like a spam account. This is an important step to give the best first impression to modeling agencies, or anyone else visiting your page.


Plus, if you want to follow a lot of people in your Instagram feed, you can also make an alternate account for that purpose. But for your main account, you want a million followers, not follow a million people.


#14 - Keep In Line With the Instagram Algorithm

Figuring out the Instagram algorithm is one of the biggest obstacles to new social media users. You may notice that your own feed is ranked in a seemingly random order, with certain posts getting priority. This is thanks to the site's algorithm showing you content catered to your usage habits. Instagram will promote products and Instagram accounts to the most receptive followers.


It's important to create content that aligns with what Instagram is looking to promote to its users. Any marketing strategy on social media should consider if it will actually be successful online. Using popular hashtags and always posting quality content are both vital, along with adhering to the other posting habits we have mentioned.


#15 - Be Consistent

The one piece of advice that ties everything together is consistency. Much like maintaining an active lifestyle, working as an Instagram model takes dedication and habits. Planning, hashtagging, mentioning, and posting are all daily tasks. Nobody likes following a dead Instagram account. You can spend plenty of time building a decent following just to lose it all if you don't keep up with your posts. Inactivity will also make the algorithm less likely to boost your content, making it close to impossible for major brands.

This doesn’t mean you have to take new photos every day, but it is important to have a strong backlog of images and ideas to post.

The timing of your posts is also important. Some recommend posting your pictures in the early morning to ensure the highest number of people view them. Others say you should post in the evenings when most people are on their phones. Your Instagram insights can show you exactly what time your followers are the most active, allowing you to post accordingly.


Finally, make sure that daily posting doesn’t diminish the quality of your photos. It may feel like a hassle or even overwhelming at times, but every post you make on your Instagram should be your absolute best. People with large followings never slack off in this department. You must post consistently and not neglect stories if you want to remain a successful model.


That quality assurance will go a long way with your followers and with developing your own brand.


#16 - Give Insight To Your Work

As a model, Instagram is all about promoting your skills and accomplishments. Aside from just showing the world parts of your life, social networking is a tool for promoting yourself in the hopes of getting good fashion industry modeling jobs down the line or working with modeling agencies and other brands. A modeling agency needs to know what an Instagram model specializes in before attempting to work with them.

If you want followers to consider you for those jobs, you should be sure to post as much insight into your major work as possible. This includes sharing not only published images but also BTS footage and sneak peeks of future images to be released. Having a keen eye for different types of self-promotion will make your Instagram famous quickly. Agencies, people, and brands are likely to hold you in higher regard if they see you are working often, so be sure to showcase your growing model career as much as possible.


#17 - Engage With Your Followers

Remember that there are real people behind the accounts that follow you! Social media is not a one-way interaction where people view your post, but a way for people to connect. Responding to comments and DMs can make people more inclined to want to work with you and support you.


No one expects you to spend all day connecting to every follower, but responding to direct messages here and there can go a long way. Hosting Instagram live sessions can also connect you with your followers in a meaningful way that keeps them coming back. Even if you have a large following, small gestures like these will help followers see the personal life behind the account and open more doors for your career.


These 17 tips will help to elevate your Instagram model account to new heights. Instagram modeling can be a lucrative way to boost your new career and help you break into the industry. Almost all models nowadays are spending lots of time and energy on their social media accounts, as it has become arguably the most important tool in the industry. Don't become intimidated by the amount of knowledge and effort needed to grow your Instagram. By committing to your brand, posting quality photo shoots, and showing off your personal style, you could find yourself climbing the ranks of the fashion world in no time.


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