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The 18 Best Model Agencies in NYC

Modeling has become a highly desired career field for many new faces. The advancement of technology as well as the constant progression of inclusivity within the modeling industry has created many diverse job opportunities where there can be a place for anyone. New York City is well known to be the fashion capital of America. If you're an aspiring model, artist or fashion designer, there is no doubt New York City is the best place to be.

Getting signed in New York City is no easy task, but can be very rewarding if you do, especially if you are signed to any of these top 8 agencies. These agencies are known to be the most exclusive, most selective, and most connected.

If you are interested in being signed to an nyc modeling agency send a direct message on Instagram to @forrestthefotographer for mother agent inquiries.

Model Agencies in NYC
muse agency

Established in 2007 by Conor Kennedy, Muse Management emerged as a beacon of independence within the increasingly corporate landscape of talent management. Over the course of 16 years, Muse Management experienced remarkable growth, achieving a formidable client reach while preserving the personalized approach of a boutique agency. Their focus remains directed towards nurturing the exceptional talents of their roster, maximizing their potential across editorial, commercial, and theatrical realms.


Renowned globally as a vanguard in celebrating diverse beauty, Muse Management proudly represents high fashion, curve, and men's talent. In 2023, Muse ventured into new horizons with the launch of their Creative division, extending their expertise to represent the industry's preeminent photographers, stylists, and beauty artists. This expansion reinforces their commitment to fostering collaborations with visionary creatives, shaping the future of the fashion and entertainment industries.

Top Models signed to Muse Include: Marco Castelli, Victoria BritoAshley MooreChristian Bordin, AriunzulDaniela De JesusLuca Cobelli, Ujjwala RautSessilee Lopez, Igor LourencoJill Kortleve, Pat Cleveland, Flora CarterAlex Mark, and others.

Address: 150 Broadway #1101 New York, NY 10038


Phone: 212.625.2356

In September 2015, Heroes New York emerged in the heart of Soho with a mission to reposition talent at the forefront of the fashion industry. Against the backdrop of a crowded landscape, Heroes swiftly established itself as a leading independent agency worldwide.


Their approach revolves around embracing the diverse strengths of the models they represent and placing a firm focus on the evolving dynamics of art and commerce. Heroes defies the notion of the "disposable model" and firmly believes that today's emerging face has the potential to become tomorrow's icon.


With a proactive mindset, they forge connections between brands and talent, meticulously curating every aspect of careers in tandem with their represented individuals. They adapt their management approach to the ever-changing movements of the fashion industry and society as a whole.


The "Heroes model" embodies a relentless drive to continuously strive for excellence while adapting to the current market trends, all while preserving their authentic essence. The ultimate goal for their team of talent and agents is to transform personal strengths and passions into successful global brands, always mindful of the importance of giving back.


In July 2020, Heroes proudly partnered with the Black in Fashion Council, actively working towards spearheading the necessary change for a more inclusive fashion industry. They take immense pride in representing numerous BIPOC models, prioritizing their well-being and ensuring they are treated with utmost care. Alongside the British Fashion Council and their agency partners, they are committed to being part of the solution, fostering safe and inspiring working conditions for their models.


Heroes represents not just a new agency, but a novel approach to talent management, serving as a true partner in the ongoing evolution of the global fashion landscape.

Address: 50 Greene St., New York, NY 10013


Phone: 212.226.2790

Ford Models

Established in 1946 by its founders Eileen and Jerry Ford, FORD Models embarked on a revolutionary journey that would shape the global industry of beauty. From their humble beginnings in New York City, Eileen and Jerry built a company and a brand that not only defined but also launched the modeling industry. FORD Models stands as the preeminent agency renowned for its groundbreaking approach to model management, earning the utmost recognition and respect in the annals of modeling history.


Today, FORD Models remains at the forefront of the cultural dialogue, representing fashion talent from around the world and operating at the intersection of culture and creativity. With its headquarters based in New York City and additional offices in Paris, Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, and Brazil, FORD continues to lead the way, constantly innovating and exerting influence on the modeling and fashion industries.

Address: 11 E 26th street, New York, NY 10010


Phone: 212.219.6500

Model agency in nyc

The Lions represents a new breed of agency, driven by the mission to cultivate formidable personal brands from the remarkable talent, passions, and ideas that define each of their clients as truly exceptional and one-of-a-kind. Their unwavering commitment lies in leveraging their distinctive platform to empower their clients in the realm of fashion, while amplifying their voices to create a meaningful impact in the world.


At the core of The Lions is a vision for transformation, accompanied by an approach that centers on fostering pioneering careers within a vibrant community of the world's most gifted, inspiring, and diverse individuals.

Address: 6 St Johns Ln, New York, NY 10013


Phone: 212.226.7360

Model agency

The New York office of Marilyn Agency was established in 1997, marking a significant expansion for the renowned agency. Marilyn Agency has garnered a prestigious reputation on a global scale, representing a notable lineup of fashion icons that includes Claudia Schiffer, Bar Refaeli, Tasha Tilberg, Julia Stegner, Maggie Rizer, Shannan Click, and Mini Anden, among others.


Since its inception in Paris in 1985, Marilyn Agency has consistently adhered to its core values, positioning itself at the forefront of fashion trends while upholding the highest ethical standards. The agency's unwavering dedication to fulfilling the needs of its talent and clients is apparent through their personalized management approach. The agency prides itself on investing time, care, and personal attention into directing and fostering the long-term success of each model's career.

Address: 210 11th Ave, New York, NY 10001


Phone: 212.260.6500

Model agency

Established in 2013, The Society Management operates as the New York division of the esteemed Elite World network, upholding a global legacy that spans more than four decades in the fashion industry. Drawing from the knowledge gained through this illustrious history, The Society has evolved to embody the next phase in talent management.


As a driving force behind a diverse array of careers, The Society is deeply committed to empowering talents and facilitating their journey towards achieving their full potential. Guided by a progressive mindset, the agency offers comprehensive services tailored to the unique needs and aspirations of each individual under its representation. The primary focus lies in nurturing long-term careers by providing opportunities for positive and impactful exposure, while also fostering collaborations with top international publications and brand teams. Throughout this transformative journey, The Society places a premium on gaining a thorough understanding of their clients' objectives, ensuring that their ambitions are met with the utmost care and consideration.

Address: 55 Hudson Yards, 3rd floor, New York, NY 10016


Phone: 212.377.5025

model agency

Founded in New York in 1988, Women Management has established itself as one of the most influential and trusted fashion talent agencies worldwide. The agency's dedicated teams are committed to delivering exceptional management to their talents while providing outstanding service to their esteemed clients. Emphasizing inclusivity, diversity, and empowerment, Women Management combines creativity, technology, and business development in their approach, all while upholding values of respect, trust, humanity, ethics, and social responsibility.


As a forward-looking organization, Women Management is constantly seeking new and innovative ways to adapt and thrive in the ever-changing landscape of the modeling industry. They skillfully balance an elevated image with financial success, ensuring a harmonious approach.


Women Management proudly represents a prestigious roster of world-renowned fashion talents, which includes Mariacarla Boscono, Isabeli Fontana, Hanne Gaby, Lais Ribeiro, Coco Rocha, and Iris Strubeggar, among others. In addition to nurturing established stars, Women Management focuses on the future by developing the next generation of modeling superstars. Emerging talents such as Valerie Scherzinger, Sacha Quenby, Madeleine Fisher, Penelope Ternes, Maike Inga, Mathilde Henning, and Maryel Uchida are among those being groomed for success.


As part of the Elite World Group, a leading global talent media agency, Women Management maintains a strong international presence. With offices in New York, Paris, and Milan, they solidify their global footprint and contribute to the agency's continued success.

Address: 55 Hudson Yards, 3rd floor, New York, NY 10001


Phone: 212.334.7480

Model agency

In 1977, the visionary founder John Casablancas established Elite New York City, a groundbreaking agency that revolutionized the industry and gave birth to what we now recognize as The Supermodel. Elite's influence in fashion extends beyond the conventional boundaries by nurturing the careers of their talented individuals on a holistic level and setting trends that shape the entire industry.


Throughout their illustrious history, Elite has represented an exceptional roster of iconic figures, from Linda, Naomi, and Cindy to Gisele, Uma, and Iman, and from Janice, Heidi, and Cameron to Tyra, Stephanie, and Amber. These remarkable talents epitomize the ethos of Elite and have left an indelible mark on the fashion world.


At Elite, they firmly believe in the power of empowerment and the promotion of diversity. Their commitment to inclusivity drives the industry forward, fostering an environment where every individual can flourish and contribute their unique perspectives and talents. 


Currently, Elite operates offices in New York, Los Angeles, Miami, and Toronto, collaborating closely with a trusted network of independent agencies worldwide.

Address: 245 5th ave, 24th floor, New York, NY 10016


Phone: 212.529.9700

Established in 1995 by Heinz Holba, New York Model Management has emerged as one of the premier modeling agencies in New York City, dedicated to showcasing prestigious talent and nurturing emerging faces in the industry.

Operating alongside L.A. MODELS, a well-established full-service agency on the West Coast, and L.A. TALENT, a television and commercial agency specializing in beauty in Los Angeles and Hollywood, New York Model Management benefits from the fashion expertise and experience of its international staff, enabling them to anticipate upcoming trends in the industry.

The agency boasts a stellar lineup of top models, including industry icons Meghan Collison, Yilan Hua, Anna Jagodzinska, Liberty Ross, Liisa Winkler, Enikő Mihalik, Sui He, as well as editorial favorites Ella Richards, Fatou Jobe, Ash Foo, Rose Daniels, and Margo & Madelyn Whitley.

With the assistance of their worldwide scouting and placement network, New York Model Management's New Faces division excels at discovering and nurturing emerging talents. Rising stars Sylvia Kagan Anderson, Juli Kocemba, Ireen Tabolova, Julia Belyakova, Dahan, Kornelia Korpusinska, and Houjing Cui are among the fresh faces being cultivated by the agency.

The men's division of the agency represents esteemed male models such as Xavier Buestel, Ty Okungoya, and Gryphon O'Shea, alongside notable newcomers Charles Oduro, Jabali Sandiford, and Samuel Wilken.

New York Model Management's Direct division features a lucrative roster of talents who have achieved longevity in the industry and established relationships with top clients. Esteemed individuals Beri Smither, Daniella van Graas, Iliana Papageorgiou, and Joana Sanz are among those who continue to thrive under the agency's representation.

As the agency continues to foster top talent and cater to clients worldwide, New York Model Management garners increasing renown for its professionalism, creativity, and unwavering commitment to the present and future of the fashion industry.

Address: 71 West 23rd st, Suite 301, New York, NY 10010


Phone: 212.539.1700

Wilhelmina Models is widely recognized as a prominent talent management agency with a global reputation. Founded in 1967 by the esteemed Dutch supermodel Wilhelmina Cooper, the agency has earned its prestigious standing by providing comprehensive model management services for women, men, curve, fitness, as well as entertainers and musicians.

The agency's strong presence is reflected in its offices situated in New York, Los Angeles, Miami, and London, enabling Wilhelmina Models to effectively cater to clients worldwide. Additionally, the agency holds licensing agreements with numerous agencies across the globe, further expanding its international reach and capabilities. This extensive network empowers Wilhelmina Models to operate on a global scale, delivering exceptional services to clients around the world.

Address: 192 Lexington Ave, 15th floor, New York, NY 10016


Phone: 212.437.0700

ONE Management is recognized globally as a renowned modeling agency that champions beauty in all its diverse forms. Specializing in the development and management of models, the agency excels at effectively conveying a brand's narrative and captivating audiences through various media platforms, such as print, runway, digital, social, and video.


Since its establishment in 2001, ONE Management has established a strong presence on both the East and West coasts of the United States, with offices located in New York and Los Angeles. The agency takes pride in representing a roster of globally successful modeling talent, celebrating the powerful intersection of fashion, music, television, and film. By representing groundbreaking international artists, ONE Management plays a vital role in driving the evolution and innovation of the creative industries.

Address: 42 Bond Street, 2nd floor, New York, NY 10012


Phone: 212.505.5545

NEXT Management is recognized as a leading global fashion management agency, renowned for its ability to connect top talent in fashion and entertainment with prominent international brands. The agency maintains offices in major fashion hubs, including New York, London, Paris, Milan, Los Angeles, and Miami.


Founded by Faith Kates and Joel Wilkenfeld, NEXT Management has gained a reputation for its talent-spotting expertise and its instrumental role in propelling models to worldwide stardom. The agency is dedicated to nurturing the careers of its impressive roster of talent, establishing dynamic relationships with partners, and ensuring long-term success.


NEXT Management takes pride in its commitment to championing personality and diversity across its talent roster, attracting clients who seek the agency's expert management services for both emerging talents and globally recognized supermodels. The agency excels in securing meaningful endorsements and provides visionary leadership with a focus on the well-being of its models and talent.


The agency's dedication to diversity extends beyond models, encompassing performers and creatives who rely on NEXT Management to support their international careers through strategic brand partnerships in the fashion and beauty industries. In 2009, NEXT pioneered the launch of the first digital influencers management division, further solidifying its position as a leader in the industry.


Faith Kates and Joel Wilkenfeld's small agency has experienced remarkable growth over its 30+ year history, with NEXT Management continuing to thrive through its creative energies, innovative ideas, and valuable relationships.


NEXT Models takes pride in representing an exceptional array of top international talent. The agency boasts an impressive lineup of supermodels including Anna Cleveland, Anok Yai, Arthur Kulkov, Binx Walton, David Agbodji, Grace Hartzel, Hiandra Martinez, Karmen Pedaru, Lineisy Montero, Selena Forrest, Ugbad, and Yuri Pleskun. The agency also represents iconic talents such as Abbey Lee, Diggy Simmons, Diplo, Langley Fox Hemingway, and Jeffrey Wahlberg.

Address: 15 Watts Street, 6th floor, New York, NY 10013


Phone: 212.925.5100

Founded in 1980 in New York City by Frances Grill, Joey Grill, and Allan Mindel, Click Model Management, Inc. has established itself as a prominent agency in the fashion industry. The agency's name, "CLICK," pays tribute to the captivating sound of a camera and the talented photographers and crew who bring moments to life.


Over the course of more than 25 years, Click has expanded its presence by establishing offices throughout the United States. Currently, the agency represents a diverse portfolio of over 1000 models, with specialized divisions dedicated to Women, Men, Plus Size, Runway, Showroom, FIT, and Television Commercials.


Click has had the privilege of representing some of the world's most renowned faces, including Isabella Rossellini, Uma Thurman, Whitney Houston, Elle MacPherson, and Grace Jones. The agency maintains a strong partnership with Flick East West Talents, a highly successful television commercial agency that represents numerous actors, actresses, and models for television work.


In addition, Click collaborates with Framework Entertainment, a premier bi-coastal theatrical management and production company. Framework Entertainment's clients have achieved global recognition for their contributions to film, television, stage, and music.


To offer comprehensive services, Click boasts a full-service Hair/Makeup and Styling division known as Illusions, which became part of Click Models in 2001 following the acquisition of Zoli Models.


Remaining committed to its successful growth strategy, Click Models consistently explores new ideas, makes strategic acquisitions, and upholds its dedication to providing exceptional service to both talent and clients worldwide.

Address: 129 W. 27th street, PH, New York, NY 10001


Phone: 212.206.1717

Exemplifying the cutting-edge fashion trends, the clients of IMG Models are style-setting celebrities who leave their mark on renowned fashion publications, television and movie screens, prestigious ad campaigns, and high-profile catwalks across global fashion capitals like New York, London, Paris, and Milan.


The agency proudly represents a lineup of today's most acclaimed supermodels, including Gisele Bündchen, Heidi Klum, and Liya Kebede, who continue to shape and define the industry with their unparalleled presence and influence.

Address: 304 Park Avenue South, 12th floor, New York, NY 10010


Phone: 212.253.8884

W360 is a management agency that represents the diversity and inclusion demanded by the beauty and fashion industry on a global and community level. Despite its expansive reach, W360 operates as a boutique agency, recognizing each talent as both an individual and a brand. The agency's management philosophy emphasizes collaboration between talents and agents, leveraging the agents' longstanding relationships to achieve the unique goals of each talent. W360 encourages talents to explore their interests beyond traditional work, leveraging social media and consumer engagement to amplify their voices and platforms.

Adapting to the ever-changing landscape of the fashion industry, W360 implements strategies that aim to cultivate and sustain successful careers for the long term. The agency has revolutionized traditional talent management practices worldwide, introducing programs that provide new revenue opportunities and empower talents to become influential personalities and digital entrepreneurs.

By creating integrated traditional and digital media campaigns featuring their diverse and extensive roster, W360 enables its clients to effectively communicate their messages and products to a wide audience. This approach facilitates efficient and measurable digital media strategies, maximizing impact and reach.

As part of the Elite World Group network of fashion talent agencies, W360 has established offices in New York, Los Angeles, Milan, and Paris, solidifying its international presence.

Address: 55 Hudson Yards, 3rd floor, New York, NY 10001


Phone: 212.443.9820

Established in 2000, Supreme NY was founded with a clear vision to bring a refreshing and distinct perspective to the modeling industry.


Recognizing the transformative power of social media and the demand for exceptional individuals beyond conventional beauty standards, Supreme NY observed a rising need for unique and standout profiles.


As a boutique agency, Supreme NY specializes in providing top-tier talent management services characterized by exclusivity and sophistication. The agency takes pride in representing models who embody a diverse range of qualities, including beauty, spirit, confidence, boldness, complexity, naturalness, authenticity, unconventionality, independence, creativity, and humor. These models possess the ability to captivate audiences with their individuality, occasionally embracing extravagance while never failing to be engaging and charismatic.


Supreme NY's success and relevance are derived from the extraordinary and distinct nature of its models. By embracing and promoting these exceptional talents, the agency sets itself apart within the industry, making a lasting impact on the world of fashion and modeling.

Address: 245 5th ave, 24th floor, New York, NY 10016


Phone: 212.529.9700

The Industry Model Management is a highly regarded boutique women's agency known for its high-end services. Headquartered at the prestigious Pier59 Studios in Chelsea Piers, New York City, and with additional offices in Los Angeles, the agency specializes in discovering fresh talent and providing comprehensive management to nurture successful and enduring careers.

Owned by Federico Pignatelli della Leonessa, The Industry Model Management is part of the esteemed Art & Fashion Group Company, which includes the renowned Pier59 Studios. This affiliation gives the agency unparalleled access to top-tier international fashion and advertising clients, providing a distinct advantage over other model and talent agencies. Leveraging their strong connections within the fashion community, The Industry Model Management offers unique opportunities to its models.

With a carefully curated roster, the agency maintains a selective approach, allowing for personalized attention and exceptional service to each model they represent. This personalized approach ensures that every talent receives tailored support and guidance to maximize their potential.

In addition to its exclusive representation, The Industry Model Management benefits from its collaboration with the Pier59 Studio Group. This partnership provides access to state-of-the-art digital, production, and studio teams, enabling the agency to develop talent and produce captivating content that aligns with the evolving landscape of video and social media branding.

The Industry Model Management serves as a constant source of inspiration for both its agents and models, fostering a creative and collaborative environment that encourages growth and success.

Address: 59 Chelsea Piers, Level 3, New York, NY 10011


Phone: 212.660.8800

Founded in 1999 under the leadership of President Guido Dolci, Major Models New York has emerged as one of the world's most prestigious and successful boutique agencies. The Major team comprises a blend of seasoned, influential agents and a new generation of visionary creatives, collectively driving the agency forward into the future.


Major Models' guiding philosophy revolves around providing its models with a comprehensive and well-defined management plan. From nurturing their development to securing placements in the global market and implementing aggressive promotional strategies, the agency ensures that each model receives personalized attention that sets them apart from larger agencies. Major Models excels across all facets of a model's career, including high-end editorial and advertising campaigns, catalogs, and the rapidly expanding e-commerce industry.


For individuals seeking an agency that prioritizes passion and ethical practices, while fostering a supportive and familial atmosphere, Major Models offers an ideal environment to thrive.

Address: 344 W 38th st, Suite 602, New York, NY 10018


Phone: 212.685.1200

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