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Zachary Joseph


Top Petite Modeling Agencies in New York


Many kids, especially young girls, dream of or at least think about being a model at some point. After all, models are considered the standard for beauty and making money while posing foir the camera with a product sounds significantly easier than studying algebra. Sadly, as they grow older they may not find themselves possessing the long, slender builds as the models they grew up looking at. Frankly, compared to those icons of beauty, they come up short, quite literally even. Thankfully, with petite modeling there is still a place in the world for them.


Petite modeling is a subdivision of models who are not tall, about 5’1”-5’9” give or take for girls. While they may not necessarily advertise high-fasion they do help sell things like cars, cosmetics, jewlery, and swimsuits. There is an entire world out there full of things to sell that do not have anything to do with the typical industry standards. Furthermore, not every person out their is tall or has the ideal body shown on the covers of magazines, and chances are people will sometimes prefer models who are around the same size as them so they can judge how well tht eproduct will look on them. But then the question becomes where to find an agency that will hire the model. Thankfully, there are plenty of agencies out there looking for petite models, even locally.


Wilhelmina Models is one of the most popular modeling agencies in the world, and was founded by the late Dutch supermodel Wilhelmina Cooper in 1967. By 1997 the company became one of the biggest modeling agencies with offices around the world, including New York City. Despite managing all kinds of models, they also hire petite models as well. With its age and size, Wilhelmenia offers a massive client base for models to have access to. The company currently sits at a positive rating on Glassdoor with a 4.0. In other words, models cannot go wrong here.


Bella Agency is one of the leading clothing brand agencies. Established in 2004, the New York-born agency saw success with its successful 40+ Women Division and became one of the top 10 agencies in New York only ten years later. Their brand specializes on a mix of clothing and lifestyle and have thrived in their niche for almost twenty years. While not as old as Wilhelmina, Bella Agency still possesses decades of experience and a health client base as well. Over all reviews from working there are positive as well. If someone is looking for modeling in New York City, consider signing up with Bella Agency.


When talking about big model agencies one should mention IMG Models at one point. Founded in 1987 this modeling agency represents half of the current supermodels in the world and has offices around the world, including New York City. While not at the top of their priorities IMG does have some petite models in their roster. However, chances of joining it are likely slim. It is well worth to be aware of it but not to place all eggs in this one basket. It might be a better idea to revisit IMG when a model’s career is large enough to get their attention.


Located around Times Square, State Mangement offers a petite models division. Founded less than ten years to this time in 2015, State Management pushes inclusion to all kinds of models, not just petitie ones. They offer spots to the normal fit and slender ones but also petitie and plus size. Reviews highlight a sense of family to the agency, giving potential models a good work environment. is a New York-based website created by, well, international model scouts and agents in 2001. Each founding member of the website has around 35 years of experience getting models to agents around the world. Despite the high experience level of its founders the website is very welcoming to newcomers. only requires a potential model to supply their necessary information and some snapshots not requiring them to be a part of a reputable agency. They do not even need a professional portfolio or headshot. The website helps connect new models to agents and companies which can be a great help for new models starting out. The website has several testimonials about their service and have helped several models succeed in the past. They are also inclusive to everyone regardless of age, gender, and especially height. 

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