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Promoting Your Photography on Instagram

Written By: Alyssa Buffington

Instagram is the most popular social media site for sharing photos. Millions of users check in on Instagram stories every day, posting about their lives and creations. As a photographer, Instagram offers a vital connection to others working in photography.

You’ve just created an official Instagram to house all of your professional photos. Now that you’ve set it all up, how are you going to attract interest to your page? A lot goes into maintaining a polished Instagram account, but once you start it becomes second nature to you. Here are the best methods to promote your photography on Instagram.

Post Your Best Work

Like any professional, you want your platform to display the very best you have to offer. You shouldn’t post every single picture you take; be selective and choose photos that demonstrate your skills. If your picture doesn’t evoke a sense of wonder, it’s probably not a good choice for your Instagram. It can be hard to let go of photos you’re proud of, but having a shrewd selection on your Instagram makes the posts that are there much more impactful.

Find A Theme

Similar to picking only the best photos you have, you shouldn’t post a random assortment of pictures either. Random photos are for people that do photography as a hobby, but professionals know how to find their niche. Are you best at taking photos of models? Photos of landscapes? Hidden street art? Your Instagram is most successful when it has an appealing, unified theme to it. Find the section of photography you enjoy best and focus on posting that.

Tell A Story

Instagram has a function where you can add a short caption to your images. Unlike hashtags, the caption is less about keywords and more about expressing the stories and emotions behind photos. When you post your work, take the time to give each photo a well-crafted caption that gives some backstory. It doesn’t have to be a long or thrilling story, but a little information about the picture can greatly boost people’s engagement with it.

Buy Dedicated Equipment

This goes without saying, but a professional photographer is expected to own professional equipment. You probably have already bought a proper camera by now, but if not now is the time. You’ll be amazed how the clarity of a camera can raise the quality of your photos. Plus, in a world where everyone has a camera in their phone, investing in quality equipment will help your photos stand out against the phone cameras of Instagram. A little investment here will pay off down the line.

Post During The Morning

You may not give it much thought, but the time you post your work can have a huge impact on its success. If you post at an hour when nobody is online, your post will be relevant by the morning. The best time to post is earlier in the morning - around 7 to 8 AM - because the late morning to afternoon is when most people check their social media. Post early and everyone on your feed will see your work.

Learn The Art of Hashtags

Everyone knows hashtags are a crucial part of spreading content. People find posts they like and search hashtags that relate to that topic. You’ll need the right mix of hashtags to bring people to your posts. It might be difficult, but you need to balance having a wide range of hashtags with having specific hashtags. Having too little makes you harder to find, while vague hashtags get lost in a sea of posts. Be specific and plentiful when making your hashtags - anything that can apply, use it.

Interact With Others


Instagram has a focus on photos, but it’s still a social media platform. People from around the world can communicate with each other through the app. It’s not just helpful for your marketing, but also to make a name for yourself. Follow photographers and agencies you enjoy and try reaching out to them. With a little luck, you could network with just the right people to push your career forward.


Instagram is a saturated market for photography, but you can still stand out from the crowd. These steps will help you maintain your account and gain the maximum amount of engagement possible. Treat your Instagram as one big advertising venture and people will notice your professionalism. If you stick with it, you’ll amount a following on Instagram in no time.

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