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5 Important Questions You MUST Ask a Modeling Agency

Written By Keanisha M Johnson

Are you new to modeling and feel lost? Or maybe you’re experienced but don’t know which modeling agencies are good or bad? These days a lot of agencies just want you to hurry up and sign the contract quickly and take advantage of the fact that you don’t understand their process and in the end you get screwed because you didn’t read the fine print.

It happens all the time.

If an agency wants you to sign quickly that’s a red flag anyway because you need at least 3 days to look over the paperwork to make your decision.  There are countless of modeling agencies to go around. You shouldn’t feel forced to take classes that you feel you don’t need. A lot of agencies do this so watch out!

So how do you know which Modeling agencies are the best fit for you and your career goals?


1. The Size of the Agency matters!

Don’t be afraid to ask questions or ask the interviewer to repeat what they’ve said if you don’t understand. This is your money you’re spending and you need to know every detail because it matters.

You need to know what the size of the agencies you’re getting into. The smaller agencies tend to have less models working, so therefore there is always work. The larger agencies have tons of models and the work load can be scarce especially if you’re a newbie. The competition is high. Fighting for work can be exhausting.

Another thing is to make sure you have free time to practice. With so many models looking for work, a lot of them might be able to attend auditions while you have to work. They are available for work right on the spot. That can be a downfall for you because you don’t have time, while hundreds of other models have all the time in the world.

There is nothing wrong with doing an investigation on that modeling agency. It just ensures you that you’re not getting scammed or knowing if that company is legit. It would be nice to know what are some the companies have they done business with. Google them and see what others are saying. Find out what fashion designers they’ve worked with. It’s just good to do your due diligence so you’ll know what you’re getting into.

3. Do Models Benefit from Free Work? 

Doing free test shoots can benefit you in many ways. For one, a few free pictures for a photographer that has been published will submit their work to magazines, the internet or just by showing it off to different agencies. This will expose you and make talent scouts want to know who you are and can get you booked for a gig.

Boost your social media! Clients love checking out this out and seeing how much feedback your model pictures gets. Stay active on your social media pages like Facebook, tic tok, etc. The more followers you have, the better because the brand wants to promote their products to your audience.

4. What Percentage Does Your Agency Charge?

As a working model, the client pays your agency and then your agency should always take less then what you’re earring. For example it should be 20 – 80. You get the 80 and your agency gets the 20. Your agency then cuts you a check.

5. How Long Will Your Pictures be Used and How Long Will the Clients Need Them?

You should understand what the usage of your images is going to be. Is it web or print only? You should find out the region meaning is it only in some parts of the United States or another part of the country? Is it going to be national? International? Is it going to be global? These details matter and that’s more money in your pocket.

Also you’ll need to know how long the client will use your photos. Make sure your client understands that your pictures have an expiration date (whether it is a year or two or whatever the deal is) but after that they’ll have to renew if they want more pictures of you.

You do not want to get paid 100 bucks and one of your images goes VIRAL.
I hope these questions will help you find the correct modeling agency that caters to your needs with fair pay.

2. You’ve chosen your Agency, who did they work with?

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