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6 Tips for Your Business Headshot


If you are here, chances are you are looking for a career job in a business professional setting. You are either looking for a headshot to add the face behind the portfolio you’ve built, or behind the resume you’ve constructed, Or you can even be looking for a headshot for your LinkedIn, Zip Recruiter, or Indeed profile.


Either way this is the place for those who are looking for ways to either improve their business headshots, or create the perfect one. Here are 7 tips you will need in order to have the best business headshot.


  1. Hair is Important

Hair is the most important part of your business headshot. Think about it like this. What we do with our hair typically represents our look, our feel, and our personality. We should want businesses and hiring managers to feel the same way about us that we do about ourselves. So the tips are:


Do not get a fresh cut, shave, or hairdo the day before a shoot.


It may come off as unnatural to the person viewing your headshot. Instead opt to get your hair done, cut, etc., at least a week in advance. This gives your hair time to grow back into a natural state without it being unkempt. This also gives you time to make changes if you do not like the style you chose.


If your hair is long, make sure your hair is out of your face during the photo.


This tip is kind of self explanatory. The less face we see in your headshot, the less likely you will be accepted for interviews.


  1. Outfit (Do’s and Don’ts)


This is the second most important part of taking a business headshot. When dressing for a business headshot, you should dress as if you are going to meet a client or if you are going in for an interview. Here are some tips for what is ideal for you to wear.


Keep it simple.


Solid darker colors can say a lot to the person viewing your headshot. You can also wear solid colored ties and a darker blazer to really emphasize your seriousness about what you want from the workforce.


AVOID WEARING BRIGHT COLORS! Bright colors can be too loud for your headshot. It can also come off as unappealing.


Also, do not wear a lot of accessories. If you must, wear a lapel, tie clip, necklace, small earrings, etc. This is an area where being minimalistic is beneficial.


  1. Poses can do a lot for you


How you pose is also key to improving your business headshot. When you pose, it is important that you face the camera with your face. There are a lot of business headshots where the subject’s body is at an angle and that is fine. What is key for you to consider is maintaining good posture. Having good posture exudes confidence, so sit with your back straight, set your shoulders back, and relax your body. Loosening up is also good for your body.


  1. Hydrating and Rest can make a huge difference


What typically happens to you when you’re tired? You feel sluggish, your eyes can feel heavy, and at worst, you don’t look alive. What happens when you don’t hydrate? All of the previously mentioned statements with the addition of your skin drying out.


Hydrating regularly can rejuvenate your skin, making you appear younger, reduce wrinkles, diminish acne and blemishes, and most importantly, provide you with energy you never thought you would be missing. Resting the night before is duly important because you will feel energized, and you won’t have baggy eyes.


  1. Picking the right background.


Picking the right background depends on what you feel comfortable expressing in your business headshot. It is common to pick the plain white background for your headshot. However, it is also okay to use other backgrounds such as a solid black background, a building in the background, nature, or a workplace setting.


Backgrounds that are not acceptable are:

A brick wall.

A busy background

A background that is too bright in color

A background that clashes with your outfit


  1. Lighting


Last but not least, we have lighting, which is also crucial in your business headshot. If the lighting is terrible, the chances your profile gets skipped over will be increased. There are two types of lighting we will address that you should consider using for your headshot: natural lighting, and studio lighting.


If you are taking your headshot outdoors, you will most likely use natural lighting. In order to make natural lighting work, you must consider two factors.


  1. The positioning of the sun in conjunction with your face.

  2. The inability to control the light from the sun.

If you will use natural lighting, be aware of how bright the sun is when you are taking the picture, because these factors can make or break your headshot.


If you are taking your headshots in a studio, then you will be using studio lighting. Studio lighting is easier to manipulate but it is harder to create a more natural feel. With the use of either lighting, the ability to maximize your headshot is limitless.

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