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Gabriel Buzack

The Top Agencies for New York Models
As an aspiring model, there are few places to be that are better than the Big
Apple. New York City is known as one of the international capitals of fashion, and
arguably the only one outside of Europe. New York Fashion Week is a huge moment in
the world of fashion, with the most forward-thinking designers descending upon the city
to revolutionize the runway time and time again. Knowing this, it’s easy to see why so
many models decide to kick off their careers in the city. This means a large number of
models with many diverse appearances are always vying for coveted spots at modeling
agencies. While this may seem discouraging, those with the courage and determination
to fight for their place on the runway or in front of the camera can land those agents.
Here are some of the many New York agencies you can aspire to join.


Elite Model Management is a massive player in the fashion industry. While
originating in Paris, the agency’s New York office is responsible for recruiting some of
their most notable stars. Their models have graced the covers of magazines like Vogue,
Elle, Numéro, and countless others. Their roster also covers a large range of models;
their talent includes Drag Race winners next to runway faces. While joining Elite is no
easy task, their website is always accepting submissions. They ask for two full length
and close ups (one from the front and one profile), a portrait length shot, and any photo
you feel expresses personality. Elite is also known to scout through Instagram, so
building your following on there is a good way to get noticed by their scouts. While Elite
is an agency that embraces diversity the best they can, many of their signings tend to
be younger women taller than 5’7”.


IMG is another global talent agency giant - their name stands for International
Management Group, after all. While IMG itself has many subsidiaries for different
specific talents, IMG Models is easily one of the most successful. Their roster contains
only the best of the best of the modeling world, including the Hadid sisters, Gisele
Bündchen, and Kate Moss. As such, getting scouted by IMG is no easy task. The
agency does not have any submission section on their website. However, that doesn’t
mean it’s impossible. IMG does a lot of recruiting through Instagram, specifically through
the page @weloveyourgenes. On this page, you can find more details on how to apply
either through DM or by hashtagging your photos with #WLYG.

Gabriel Buzack


Wilhelmina has seen steady growth in the world of modeling agencies in recent
years. Their roster includes an extensive development program, giving many young
models the chance to grow into their careers and land long term spots at Wilhelmina.
The agency also offers online applications through their website. Once registering on
the site, you can submit headshots and physical information for the chance to be
considered. Wilhelmina also signs many plus-size and fitness models.

The Society

One of the younger agencies on this list, The Society boasts a modern outlook
and a celebrity roster. They also notably manage many celebrities from other industries
in the realm of modeling; this includes actor Angus Cloud and singer Ciara. However,
the agency also hosts an even larger list of young models with interesting looks. If
you’re interested in joining this list of new up-and-comers and want the chance to grace
forward-thinking magazines like i-D, you can apply for consideration through their
website. The Society’s site also specifically states that professional photos are not
necessary, so this can be a great starting point for new models.


Fenton Model Management is a popular agency for New York models who are
just starting out or working freelance. While it is a boutique agency, meaning it is smaller
than the others listed here, many of their models end up landing larger gigs that put
them on the radar of scouts from the bigger players. The smaller environment could
also lead to better connections being built, both with your representation and other
models. If you’re looking for a chance to network and advance your modeling career in
its early stages, you can submit to Fenton through their website to possibly be scouted.

As a new model, you may feel lost or overwhelmed by the size and relatively
unregulated nature of the industry. However, by fighting for your place in the fashion
industry, you can prove to modeling agencies that you have what it takes to become
their next big supermodel. Submit often to modeling agencies of different sizes, and you
could be walking for the world’s most famous designers much sooner than you think.

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