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Top Fashion Photographers in Philadelphia


When you think of fashion photography, cities such as Paris, New York, or Milan may come to mind first. These cities have paved the way to being some of the most fashion forward cities in the world and have a large influence on both the fashion and photography industries. 


There is talent all around, especially in places you may not think to look first. Photography is a widely admired and practiced art and some of the best talent has yet to make it big. This article will introduce some of the top fashion photographers that are based in Philadelphia. 


Stephanie Nolt


Stephanie Nolt is a well known and versatile fashion photographer in Philadelphia. She shoots weddings, editorials, corporate events, celebrations and much more. She focuses her photography talent on telling stories through her photographs. Stephanie owns two studios in the Philadelphia area under her business name “Stephanie Nolt Photography” and her and her team are also available for travel and shoot at on-locations per request. 


The Stephanie Nolt Photography team consists of many different artistic specialists that all play an important role in the success of this business. Stephanie has a diverse talent of photography assistants, lighting technicians, make up artists, hair stylists and wardrobe/set stylists that are always available to collaborate with clients and bring clients visions to life. 


Stephanie's work has been featured in many exhibitions and editorials. She has also won a few awards for her work. 





Roo Castro


Roo Castro is a commercial and fashion photographer based in Philadelphia and New York City. He was born and raised in the Dominican Republic then moved to New York when he was 12. The drastic change in scenery and being exposed to a city full of such diversity and uniqueness inspired his need for collaboration with people who wanted to build a reality out of their wildest dreams. Photography was this perfect balance. He was able to create a common space to share what he loves with others as well as have fun while doing it.


Roo Castro has experience with social media photography, fashion campaigns, designer lookbooks and more. Roo Castro has a unique visual style that brings a lot of color and flair to his work. 




Vikrant Tunious


Vikrant Tunious has been deemed one of the greatest fashion photographers in all of Philadelphia. His work has been featured in Vogue, Elle, Cosmopolitan, Fortune, Time Magazine and many other magazines. Vikrant’s fashion photography style is mainly traditional fashion photography and beauty shots. Vikrant’s individual style that adds uniqueness to his photography work is his use of color within his settings in order to highlight models personalities. He is also masterful in showing off a models clothing, jewelry, footwear and more. 


Vikrant Tunious studied photography at the School of Visual Arts in New York City and since graduating with a BFA, has over 20 years experience in fashion photography. 




Tyler Boye


Tyler Boye is a Philadelphia based photographer who specializes in shooting weddings, red carpet events, original content and more. His lifestyle portraits include fashion shoots, boudoir shoots, chef portraits and maternity shoots. He was a photographer for Elizabeth Banks’ wedding in LA and his shots appeared on the cover of In Style magazine driving his popularity as a photographer up. 


Tyler Boye admires his ability to freeze a moment in time. To him, his photography is about storytelling through the perfect moment he captures. 




Dan Cuellar


Dan Cuellar is an editorial fashion photographer that creates cinematically stunning fashion and noir-themed photos based out of Philadelphia and New York. His niche in his photography success lies in his ability to transform any place into the perfect setting for his photoshoots. His two favorite places to shoot are the beach and throughout the city. Dan pays excellent attention to every detail of his photoshoots. From the models, to the clothing, to the lighting and the story being told in every photo. 


Dan Cuellar’s photography is the perfect blend of artistic lure and outstanding talent. He captures moments in time with such precision and detail it sometimes feels like you were there too. 




Marcus Branch


Marcus Branch is a black and queer photographer based in Philidelphia and New York City. He centers his photography around documenting queer and black communities. His work celebrates BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ people and their experience, celebrates inclusivity and diversity, as well as, contributes to a broadened perspective of underrepresented communities. 


Marcus Vranch has worked with many publications and star talent globally such as Interview Magazine, Dazed Magazine, Okay Africa, Gay Times, Ari Lennox, Tina Knowles, Dominique Jackson and many more. 




Ashley Hernandez

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