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Top Trinidad Models

Written By: Ashley Hernandez

Anya Ayoung-Chee

Anya Ayoung-Chee is a model, fashion designer and television host. She was born to Trinidadian parents in New York City. At the age of two, she moved to Trinidad and now holds dual Trinidadian and American citizenship. She was the only daughter in a family of eight. In her early years she attended an all girls secondary school in Port of SPain where she became passionate about art and design. She continued her schooling in London and New York where she studied graphic design and interior design. She returned to Trinidad in 2007, after the passing of her brother Pilar. 


Following her return to Trinidad, she entered the 2008 Miss Universe competition. She won the title Miss Universe Trinidad & Tobago. In the franchise's whole history she was the second title holder to be of Chinese descent. Anya Ayoung-Chee was very honored to be representing Trinidad and Tobago. She said “Trinidad & Tobago is unique in its ethnic make-up because it is a country with people of all races. I am of mixed origin, mainly Chinese, Indian and Caucasian, and although my particular mixture is a minority, I represent the unusual combination of ethnicities that defines us as people.”


Following her crowning of Miss Universe Trinidad & Tobago, Anya hosted a number of Caribbean television and web shows. This included her own fashion show named “Make It Yours”. 


Anya Ayoung-Chee has also been involved with charitable work and philanthropy. Following her crowning as Miss Trinidad & Tobago the United Nations Association of Trinidad & Tobago asked Anya to be a spokeswoman and champion for the group. She accepted and continues to be a member of the UNATT. She is a part of the GNO arm of the United Nations which advocates for millennium development goals. Anya Ayoung-Chee has also been a part of the Tallman Foundation since 2003. 

Dominique Brebnor


Dominique Brebnor, better known as Dominique Jackson is a Tobagonian-American model, actress, reality tv star and author. She was born in Scarborough, Tobago. Her early years were traumatic and abusive. She was never accepted by her family and community as a trans woman so she was always punished for being her true self. At the age of 15 she moved to the United States. Her first years in the United States weren't easy for Dominique. She overcame hardships such as homelessness and extreme poverty before finally making it.


In Dominique's early years of modeling she did most of her work for free. In 2009 she became a resident model for fashion designer Adrian Alicea. Dominique has walked for the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week  as well as been featured in Vogue Spain. She also walked the 2021 Mugler Show alongside another trans model Hunter Schafer. 


Dominique Grew up with many hardships and has always remained open about her mental health struggles. After a 13 year writing process she released her autobiography called “The Transsexual from Tobago”. She has also worked with numerous nonprofit organizations that provide outreach and services to the LGBTQ+ community. 

Valene Maharaj


Valene Maharaj is a fashion enthusiast and model from Canaan, Trinidad & Tobago. In 2007 Valene Maharaj was given the Miss Trinidad & Tobago title, as well as the Miss World of the Caribbean title. Her modeling journey took off after she won the Caribbean Model Search. This took her to Jamaica to model in Jamaica's Fashion Week. In 2007 Valene was the third runner up for Miss World in China. 


Valene Maharaj has since done work for local designers such as Peter Elias and Meiling, as well as, modeled in their shows. She has also done some advertising campaigns. 

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