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Different Voice Acting jobs to make money


Originally, acting was mostly on stage before a widespread audience. With all eyes on their performance, the actor must complete their role in real-time under the eyes of many. But with the advent of film, actors were no longer restricted to theater and live performances. Instead, they can simply perform for a series of scripted scenes before a significantly smaller group of people, that being the film crew. People will only see them perform after a rigorous editing process. And later, actors can perform with only their voice, in other words, voice acting.


Voice acting is a field where actors perform with only their voices. They record their lines, and the studio then applies their lines to whatever commercial, cartoon, or other types of product they are making. While recording can be done in a studio, with the right equipment, voice actors can record their lines from their homes. However, voice acting can be tough as they must show emotions and convey feelings with their voice alone. Live-action acting involves using the entire body, facial expressions, and voice to convey emotions. However, there are a variety of jobs people can use voice acting to make money.


The first and most obvious field is voice acting for cartoons. With the rise of anime especially, this area is constantly growing. Actors will read a script and then act out emotions based on it. For anime, and any time a studio dubs a foreign property, they will watch and generally have the original version in front of them for reference. Animation voice actors, such as directors and fellow actors, will also corroborate with others to make the best performance possible. 


Another field where voice acting is ever important is video games. While not all video games require voice acting, having people voice the lines adds authenticity and a feel of quality to the final product. Many big AAA titles also tend to have expansive storylines totaling hours upon hours of playtime to complete. Having major cutscenes voiced helps break up the monogamy of having to read it all. After all, people who play games do not often play them to read a book! There are also a variety of genres to specialize in, such as fantasy, action, or logic. Each genre also has a variety of acting levels required, so it may be good to make a niche surrounding what an actor is skilled in. Much like an animation voice actor, a video game voice actor will need to work with a team, sometimes over long and, multiple shoots, as video games tend to have branching, non-linear storylines meaning more scenes to record than a movie.


Other areas include things like podcasts, audiobooks, and commercials. Audiobooks also involve corroboration and genre specialization like the voice acting jobs above, although they also may work with an author. The voice actor is also responsible for reading the entire book, which means they may need to change their voice or tone for different sections and have a lot of lines to record. Different genres also require different skills as there are a variety of books with different content in them. For example, a children’s book or fantasy action series may require a voice actor to play multiple characters, while a nonfiction book about stocks may not require as much voice fluctuation.


 Podcasts are another way to help generate some revenue with just a voice. Not all podcasts take place in front of a camera. They may need to read different kinds of texts, such as informational or entertainment texts, reading advertisements, etc. It may be beneficial to voice act on podcasts when starting to help grow personal publicity.  


Voice actors can also voice commercials and advertisements for a job. Voice actors voice commercials for jobs such as doing a voice-over in a video or describing a product over a radio. This voice acting job will involve reading a script and collaborating with a director to ensure the best quality of the actor’s performance. Unlike voice-acting jobs involving animation or video games, advertisements tend to be shorter and possess smaller groups to collaborate with.


Businesses also may want to hire voice actors for marketing, who are called business voice-over artists. They may want to create short videos about their brand or create an audio greeting on their business website. They may also want to hire people to read information on their website to increases engagement, or to voice instructional videos for training new employees.

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