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What to Have on your Resume as a Voice Actor

Written By: Pahola Bustos

Are you looking to start a career in voice acting? If you are unsure of how to formulate a
resume for voice acting, read below for a detailed how-to. Just like with any resume,
there should be an easy-to-read format with key components such as contact
information, experience, and skills. In this article, we will break it down for you.

Contact information;

This should be at the header of your resume or to the left, it should be clear, so that if an
employer wants to reach out to you, they will not have any trouble finding your contact
information. The contact information should include your name, phone number, email
address, and website if you have one. If you do not have a website, you should consider
making one as it is where you can have samples of your voice-acting.

Below this section would be a good place to add if you are a member of an actor’s union
such as SAG-AFTRA. If you would like to, you can include your union representative
here. As well, if you are represented by an agent, here would be a good section to
include the agency and your agent's information.


When talking about your training or experience it would be helpful to elaborate on which
niches you can apply to. Examples of these niches can include a specialty in animation
voice acting. This category has become increasingly popular with on-screen actors as it
is extremely lucrative. Some recent examples include Jenny Slate for the film Marcel the
shell and Will Arnett for the series Bojack Horseman. There is also voice acting for
audiobooks and for commercial usage.

It would smart to list as well what are vocal attributes you possess and are capable of
doing. It is better if you have multiple but it is also essential to have one consistent niche
in which you can be repeatedly booked for. Are your voice-acting skills fitting for a
corporate voice-over as it sounds educated and sophisticated? Or is it more suitable for
a children's cartoon show as it is high-pitched and calming?

You can also list previous clients you have worked with so your potential clients see the
brands you have worked with. List more recognizable brands at the beginning of the list.
Even if you have only booked small jobs, it would still be smart to list them.

Formal Training;

You should follow this category with any training experience you might have. This can
include voice casting classes, private coaching, or workshops. If you are interested in
attending any of these programs, you should research coaches or workshops in your
area. It will also put you in contact with other voice actors.


Following this can be your skills, it is especially important to include skills that can be
transferable to the voice acting sphere. Here you can list if you speak any other
language as it would allow you to be hired for more gigs. This also applies if you feel
comfortable enough to translate in another language, although for this you should be
charging an extra fee which is offering the service of translations. If you have a
background in theater or a background in singing, it would be helpful. As well as if you
have experience with sound engineering. Here you can list the software’s you are
proficient in. Some audio-based applications that are useful are Protools or Audacity.
This shows your clients that you know how to work with this software and they don't
have to go through as much hassle with post-production. Another service you can
include is editing. If you are knowledgeable in applications such as Final Cut Pro or
Adobe Premiere, this is a viable option for you. If you are comfortable with script writing,
it is also a sought service with voice acting. This way your client only has to hire one
person instead of two. You can also include samples of your script work on your
website. Since you already have the character description and their voice down, the
scriptwriting can come very easily. This can also apply to copy-writing material in
regards to the project, if you have experience in that you can list it as an additional

Another important aspect to include in your resume is your gear. If you have a home
studio equipped with microphones, you should list it here. Even if you just own one
microphone, it would be good to list it here. This way your clients know what they have
to provide for you or if you are able to work from home. Here you can also list the file
formats that you are knowledgeable in sending, such as Wav, AIFF, or .mp3.

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