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Gabriel Buzack

Websites for Finding Acting Jobs

In the 21st century, virtually all jobs - especially the good ones - are recruiting
online. This applies across industries, and acting is no different. Using the Internet to
find acting auditions is the ideal way to kick start your career on stage or on screen.
These different selections of websites can be your lifeline as a new member of the
industry, and can be the path to the big break you’ve been waiting for.
You may feel tentative about paying for a subscription to a job searching website.
However, in the world of acting, investing in a website membership can get you access
to all the best casting calls and auditions. Prior to landing an agent, this is an ideal way
to get your foot in the door. Remember that, while paying for a subscription to a website
is one thing, you should never pay to attend an audition. As far as choosing a paid
website as an actor, there are a few options.

Backstage is the classic source for acting auditions and casting calls. Originally,
the company issued a physical magazine that actors would subscribe to. This
subscription model has remained through their transition to digital, and the opportunities
listed have remained excellent. Backstage is a main source of audition notices for major
networks and studios in addition to independent productions. The website also lists
acting jobs across the country, and not just in New York or Los Angeles. Access to
Backstage comes with a price tag of $20 per month, or $120 for a yearly subscription. If
you have the ability to pay for a full year of access, it is certainly a great deal that will
pay itself back once you start getting jobs.

Actor’s Access

Actor’s Access is another counterpart to Backstage in the world of online
subscription model services for acting jobs. It is mostly geared towards film and TV, with
some theatre gigs being included as well. Actor’s Access also allows an actor to build
an online profile, by letting you upload a resume, headshot, and other information. The
website also allows you to pay by submission, costing just $2 for each one. However,
there is a premium version that goes for just under $70 a year. The plus membership
allows you to both bypass the cost for each submission and allows you to upload a reel
whenever you submit for an audition.

Gabriel Buzack


IMDB already has a huge reputation as a source of information on film,
television, actors, directors, and many others involved in the acting industry. However,
IMDB also has casting notices posted for their Pro customers. With this option, actors
can submit their IMDB profiles as their resume for casting directors to see. For those
going into TV and film, IMDB Pro could be another great investment. While the pool of
options is smaller than that of Backstage or Actor’s Access, there are still many unique
opportunities on there. The membership runs for $20 a month, or $150 for a full year.

Casting Networks

Casting Networks is another service, with a more global focus in TV and film. It’s
common for managers and agents to maintain actors’ profiles on this site, however you
can pay to do this yourself. The website costs just $25 a year, but does not include the
$1 submission fee. You may also be charged more depending on how many headshots
or reels you submit, as well. Casting Networks is a much smaller network, but could be
a potential option if you feel you’ve exhausted other routes already and are stuck trying
to find work.


This website is entirely free, with no subscription involved. While mostly geared
towards theatre auditions, this website can also feature some film casting calls as well.
The search options allow you to filter by your type, making it easier to find audition
notices that you would be a good choice for. This website also allows you to find
opportunities to work stage crew for shows. As a free website, PerformInk can be a
good choice for you to browse, especially theatre auditions.
The life of an actor is one of chasing auditions, and always marching forward in
the direction of your dreams. To make a life in this industry work, you must have the
tenacity and strength to chase opportunity. These websites are just one of the many
ways you can further your acting career. Remember to always find chances to network
with colleagues and industry professionals in addition to seeking auditions... and break
a leg!

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