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Printing Headshots in NYC: Where to and Why

Written By: Zachary Joseph

Jake has been working hard on his headshot for some time now. After learning from his mistakes with his lackluster LinkedIn headshot, Jake researched and worked hard on his new headshot. First, he researched the best ways to make his headshot between wardrobe, backgrounds, and the like. Jake then hired a professional photographer at HQpixel Studios to take his headshots. Not long after, he received his headshots over email. They look stunning, exactly like the ones he saw on the top profiles on LinkedIn. He thought that now with a headshot taken professionally, he was at the end of his problems, and Jake was mostly right aside from one thing; finding where to print them.


Jake chose HQpixel Studios because they are near the train station and easy to get to. Their prices are cheap, and equipment is included with the services. The studio has wide open spaces perfect for headshots and professional photos. They also have excellent customer service and testimonials backing this up. 


First, it must be understood why Jake values a quality headshot. A headshot may not seem important, but it is the exact opposite. People need a good headshot to get a respectable job nowadays. When setting up social media accounts, people normally think it is okay just to post a selfie; for the most part, they are right. But every place is different; it is like dressing up for office work versus going on a night out with friends at a local restaurant. It would not be socially acceptable for Jake to wear a T-Shirt and sweatpants to work, nor a suit to eat fried chicken at his favorite fast food chain. It is similar to headshots; Jake should want to put his best foot forward to ace first impressions. That is what a headshot is for jobs, a first impression. A picture is worth a thousand words, and Jake’s headshot will tell hiring managers who he is and his values at a glance. A lazy picture will show that Jake cannot excel in the job he wishes to apply for, much less handle the job. If Jake does not take the time to dress well and carefully edit and crop the shot, it will show a lazy attitude and adversity toward quality, something Jake does not want to do.


Printing headshots is a little complicated as well. Jake can put different filters or finishes over his headshot to make the image look nicer. A matte finish will generally suit most jobs, but some fields may prefer a glossy or luster finish. There is also the matter of size, although that mostly depends on what the headshot is for. Jake will want his headshot printed small for business cards but 8X10 if he wants to use it for acting. The wrong size can determine whether some jobs, especially acting roles, will accept Jake. Casting directors will toss applications out if the headshot does not meet industry standards. These issues can be solved by having someone who knows what they are doing help him. Here are some places where Jake can print his headshot.

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